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When you need to move through a lot of earth fast – that is, dig a lot of holes – nothing comes close to the speed and efficiency of skid steer augers and bits.

Whether you’re planting, setting piles, or just loosening up the soil, skid steers equipped with the right attachments and auger bits can make short work of the toughest, flintiest earth and even frozen ground.

Granted, some attachments are tougher than others – but at the same time, observing some helpful operator guidelines will help ensure not only your safety but that your equipment lasts longer as well.

●Don’t use an auger that has chipped blades or cracked welds. This is dangerous at worst and will hinder the performance of the auger bit at best. Either replace the bit or contact the manufacturer.

●If the point of the auger is blunt or the blades are rounded, this will impact digging performance. Consider replacing the auger bit.

●Ensure all fasteners are secure before supplying power or pressure to the unit.

●Routinely inspect all hydraulic components for wear – but never do so with power supplied to the unit. NEVER check a pressurized system suspected of leaking with your hands. Jets of leaking hydraulic fluid may look harmless but can easily penetrate the skin and can even cause life-threatening injuries. Use a piece of paper or cardboard to probe suspected leaks, and always wear gloves and protective eyewear.

●If you’re going to use tools for installation or maintenance, ensure you are using the specific tools recommended by the manufacturer for the purpose – using the wrong tools can damage fittings and attachments.

●If you replace an auger retaining bolt, only replace it with the specific model and size recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong retaining bolt can cause injury or death.

●Check hydraulic oil before each use to ensure that it is clean.

●Always keep to the manufacturer guidelines for changing planetary gear oil and hydraulic oil.

●After using your skid steer augers and bits, rinse them off thoroughly with a hose to remove any caked-on mud, dirt, or sand. Soil often contains corrosive salts that will substantially reduce the structural integrity and lifespan of an auger bit.

●Make sure that all safety labels and signage on your equipment are visible after cleaning.

●Store your skid steer and attachments somewhere covered and safe from the elements. While it is not practical to keep your equipment covered 100% of the time while not in use, protecting your equipment from the elements will significantly extend its lifespan and reliability.

Where Can I Get Replacement Skid Steer Auger Bits?
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