Signs of a Fake Study Visa Consultant

The demand for quality higher education is making  Indian youngsters look for opportunities to study abroad. No doubt, some top Indian educational institutions are working sincerely to give quality education to their students. But despite this, the heap of opportunities provided in foreign countries is attracting Indian students towards them. Taking admission to a university abroad is a challenging task as it requires an exhausting documentation process. And worse than it, there are some fraud visa consultants keeping an eye on your hard-earned money. This article has mentioned the signs of a fake study visa consultant. Therefore, if you are preparing to travel abroad then, make sure you have ceded your money and responsibilities for the documentation process to the safest hands.

We understand that when we have a heap of study visa consultants then choosing the best one is a very daunting task. But taking precautions and careful analysis and investigation can save you from fraud. You can approach credible and experienced study visa consultants in Jalandhar for getting your visa approved safely. Furthermore, read the article to get yourself acquainted with the signs of a fake study visa consultant.

Get yourself acquainted with the signs of a fake study visa consultant by reading the following points:

  • Unclear information

He will do his best in preventing you from gaining a clear understanding of the application process. So that you won’t trouble him by requesting him to do things in a specific order. He will elaborate on the wrong details to you. Also, he will give you wrong answers to your queries. He will do this all to increase your dependence on him. So that, you can leave everything to him. Receiving wrong and adequate information from your study visa consultant is the biggest reason to stop continuing with him. Listen to what he is saying to you and analyze it at your home. Then, check if he has provided you with the right information or not. 

  • Poor listener

Well, taking a deep insight into your goals, dreams, and preferences is mandatory for every visa consultant. If your visa consultant isn’t listening to you carefully and imposing his decisions and advice on you. Then, he is not worth trusting. If the consultant you have chosen talks more than he listens, or imposes his decisions, then avoid continuing with him. How will he do his job perfectly if he isn’t interested in your preferences and goals? Thus, take note if your visa consultant is listening to your preferences carefully or not. Remember that he has to take your preferences into his consideration before giving advice to you. Well, saying no clearly is also a trait of a genuine visa consultant. But, they give a specific and valid reason for saying no to your preferences.

  • Strange email address

Using a strange or unofficial email address is also a reason to avoid them.  A reputable study visa consultancy will have a valid email address. It is suggested to check the email address carefully before you approach them for further consultations. Don’t let your personal and private information at risk by ceding it to the wrong hands. Well, email is a way to contact them and the public will try to contact them with this email. Using a strange email address or kind of unofficial email address is a strong reason to cast a doubt on their genuineness.  

  • A specific way of accepting payment

If your study visa consultant has given a specific mode of payment to you. Then, there is something doubtful. It is not wise to make the payments in cash. If you chose the online and trustworthy mode to make payment then this can help you in case of fraud. Well, A reputable immigration agency will always use the Whatsapp channel to communicate with the clients and offer support with their registration process. Receiving links for making payments on WhatsApp is not a valid manner to make payments. You should have knowledge of the various mode of online payments and choose the best one. Approach the credible and best study visa consultant for getting the right information regarding the visa approval. 


No doubt, choosing the best visa consultant for you can help you get your dream of studying abroad accomplished. Take precautions and reach the best and most experienced visa consultants for clear information and advice. 

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