Shivam Talwar: A well-known name among youngsters for entrepreneurs!

As we all know India is a growing country where people are starting their entrepreneurship journey with an idea and making things happen. Likewise, Shivam Talwar made things work for him, and turned out to be the best entrepreneur around under the age of 25.

There is a chance you might have heard about Shivam Talwar somewhere around and your curiosity to more about him let you land here. Keep reading as here I am sharing certain details about him!

What was the business idea Shivam Talwar adopted when starting as an entrepreneur?

When Shivam Talwar was starting as an entrepreneur he had the idea to decode The E-Commerce business industry. He just had a thought that no matter what happens he will understand how things are working and how we can make the best of it. He started learning about things from a different angle and understanding the dropshipping thing in detail.

After learning about the dropshipping part of the e-commerce business he started connecting with international clients with local manufacturers around.

Does Shivam Talwar’s business experience his breakthrough during the lockdown?

During the lockdown in 2020, every business experience some break town and the same happened with Shivam Talwar. But this turns out to be fruitful for him because he learned about certain new things that help him to rise again in The E-Commerce industry. He has utilized his time in learning about things in a different manner during the lockdown situation and implemented the things throughout his business. Although his business was online there were some problems that he encountered during the same duration.

How is Shivam Talwar operating his business?

Shivam Talwar’s complete business is online. He is having an online store that is offering international shipping. There is no doubt so many businesses are there that have adopted the international shipping method but the way he has come in front with the idea of international shipping was different. He was not only talking about things but also about the major steps that helped him to rule out the present era.

What makes Shivam Talwar the youth icon?

Unlike the youth, he was not interested in dating and playing cricket around. He was so much into his work that with his complete determination he figured out about the things and started working on them. At the age of 17 in 2017 successfully settled up his startup. Right now he is 22 and yes you have guessed it right he is 2000 born. He is having so much potential in learning about new things that he never gives up. The major agenda he had when he started working was to learn new things no matter what and learn the ideologies that help him to earn more money.

Shivam Talwar is an inspiration for all of us and undoubtedly, he is among the best entrepreneurs around who must get appreciation under the age of 25. After successfully setting up the international shipping thing he has connected with some of the local manufacturers who get the chance to connect with International clients and get good returns over the product they are manufacturing. He is a true inspiration who has not only thought about his success but also thought about the success of other people who are struggling in this modern era where eCommerce is ruling out the market!