SEO consulting 2022 | Reaching the top of Google

SEO consultations are  essential if you want to bring your website to the front page of Google. You need a successful strategy to get to the top, find out how!

Why do you need an SEO consultant ?

Because if someone is looking for anything on the internet, they will google it .

If your site isn’t ranking well on search engines and at the right time, it doesn’t exist.

The quality of a consultant can improve your site’s position in search engines and attract more visitors to increase business opportunities, as well as get other people to find it when they search through Google.

The strategies of an SEO Specialist must be combined with a Digital Marketing plan that also includes the presence on Social Networks and with all the work that can also be developed there.

SEO consultancy for web development to give you a long-term strategy

Many people start by designing their website from wireframe or graphic design, but a site needs to be solid and in line with Google’s guidelines.

This is why we at Webproseo guide companies through all the phases of the design process:

  • Review of the architecture in relation to your target customer
  • choice of technology for web development
  • structural changes if necessary 
  • definition of a long-term SEO strategy.

We support the development team so that you can have a website correctly scanned by Google and already optimized in all its parts (technologically) from a content point of view.

We will take care of the internal links of the pages, which are of fundamental importance to improve the positioning on Google .

SEO consultancy for e-commerce sites

For example, sites with large product catalogs require deep analysis of category and product management.

-commerce requires SEO consultancy  that not only follows Google’s guidelines perfectly, but is also capable of transforming organic traffic into sales conversions.

For this reason, we provide constant support and instructions so that customers can enter their products correctly every time.

We are SEO consultants specialized on e-commerce stores that need detailed advice on category management or other specific aspects.

From their website design such as image categorization or the appropriate use of tags, keywords, so that they rank higher in the searches of potential customers looking to buy what your business sells through your online store .

A website is your online showcase in the world of the internet, but if no one sees it, you can have the most beautiful shop in the world, but it would all be useless. 

SEO consultancy dedicated to Brand Reputation

Webproseo has experience in removing content from Google , studying reputation management strategies and developing the online reputation of a brand or public figure.

Google does not forget , like other media such as TV or newspapers; if the reputation of a company has had a “reputation crisis” , even after years, with a single search it is possible to find negative information.

We have often removed content from Google and applied SEO strategies to successfully manage PR crisis situations of professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians and brands of internationally renowned companies.

SEO consultancy for voice searches

It is a documented fact that more than half of all internet traffic today comes from mobile devices .

It is estimated that by 2022, 60% of all searches will be voice.

For this reason, it’s important that your website and content follow the logic of a voice-based smart speaker (Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and Siri).

What are the SEO consultations?

When it comes to search engine optimization, what is SEO consulting ?

Search engine optimization activities include various techniques that are performed on the HTML code (including markup) and on the web pages of a site, not to mention the overall hypertext structures of the site, including interactive technologies. (On-site SEO )

It is also important work done outside the website, usually undertaken with link building strategies . (SEO off-site)

SEO consultancy is fundamental in your web marketing strategy. Traffic from Google is Target traffic. This means that the user who has reached your site via a searched keyword is looking for what you have to offer. 

Analysis and SEO Audit

Limited resources? Don’t worry!

In this case, we must work to find the best strategy.

First we will analyze your competitor – what the current situation is and how people who visit them behave.

We will define which keyword potential customers are researching the most and how the best reference brands behave. 

We will analyze the structure of your website and any starting problems to be solved before we can work on everything else. 

There are often trivial basic mistakes that block your presence in Google searches . 

On-site SEO optimization

Once we have agreed on the best strategy for your business goals, our optimization process begins with SEO optimization strategies :

Analyze the HTML and content of web pages and a general structure of your site.

If you are still in the development / construction stage, it is easier to do all the work and above all avoids higher expenses: we will work together to create a website that is functional and easy to use.

All the onsite SEO work will be developed to obtain an excellent website structure and the creation of quality content for the pages of the site.

Positioning on search engines and link building

All the activities external to the site as mentioned, called SEO Off-Site , are often performed with link building techniques . 

Link building consists in increasing the inbound links to your site.

In practice for search engines, the more third-party websites will talk about us, the greater our authority will be in the eyes of Google .

The greater our authority, the higher our content can be classified on Google. 

Link Building is a very delicate subject that must be studied with criteria, using the right anchor text to avoid being penalized by search engines.

SEO report and objective control

Our SEO consultants have one goal, to help you rank your website higher and higher on search engines.

When our partnership starts, we will have monthly improvement goals that we will check together. 

The improvement of the positioning on the search engines is a continuous work that is developed over the months, with constant updates and improvements.

When will we see the results of the SEO Consultations?

As for the results, there are several factors that affect:

  • Is your site new?
  • Do you have a Scheduled and constant editorial plan?
  • Is your niche sector very competitive?
  • Are you adopting other Web Marketing strategies?
  • Have you done a job with another SEO Expert in the past ?

This is to make you understand that each website has different characteristics and has a different reaction time.

But if we talk about results and not about set goals, after a few weeks we will see improvements on all the work performed. 

Our success stories allow us to confidently tell you that we will respect the goals we will set ourselves together.

You will be able to see our success stories live and observe the improvement we have had after our interventions over time.