Senior-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas

If your parents are staying with you, then you should think about a few bathroom remodeling ideas that suit the older members of your home. Your bathroom should not be built without any complicated structures that might hurt the senior members of your family. 

 So, you can consult with a professional bathroom contractor in your location to get ideas that will be beneficial for the senior members of your family. 

If you want to hire the best contractors for your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling, then you should contact Done Right Home Remodeling Los Angeles. So, let us know about a few bathroom design ideas that will suit the senior members of your family. 

Use Sensor lights

 Sensor lights can be installed in the bathroom area to ensure your parents do not fall while waking up at midnight. This will help them access the bathroom area without any hassles when they wake up late at night and use the bath space. 

 Focus on adequate lighting in the walkways and pathways also so that the elderly people will not feel difficulty accessing such areas. The sensor lights should be lit up with any movement detected in a particular area. 

Install bathroom cabinets at a reachable height

Senior members of your family might have joint pain issues that will restrict them to access various bathroom items from the cabinets placed at an unreachable height. So, make sure you build functional storage units at a low height so that your parents/senior members can easily access them. 

Use anti-skid floor tiles and mat

You should discuss with your contractor to know about the best anti-skid floor tiles that you can install in your bathroom. This will help the senior members of your family while using the bath space. 

Similarly, anti-skid mats will help soak extra moisture and thus helps protect your senior members from slipping or falling in the bathroom. 

Wide doors can help

If your parents are using wheelchairs, then you should widen your bathroom doors to facilitate easy access to the bath space. Your parents do not have to face difficulties in reaching the bathroom area while sitting on the wheelchairs. 

Install grab bars and rails

You can install grab bars and rails in the shower area so that the senior members can get adequate support while accessing these areas. Often the shower areas remain wet and thus increase the chances of unfortunate accidents. 

So, you can take adequate safety measures in the shower area and protect your loved ones. 

Walk-in shower with a foldable seat

A Walk-in shower with a foldable seat can help your senior members a lot as it will emit the risk of standing for a long hour under the shower. Senior members often face difficulty in standing for a long time due to poor bone health in old age.

So, you can think about adding a foldable seat in the shower area to help protect them. 

Raise the level of the toilet

Due to back and joint pain, the senior members feel difficulty while sitting on a toilet installed at a low height. So, you should raise the level of the toilets so that they can access them without any difficulty. 


We have discussed a few ideas that are suitable for elderly members of your home. You can also use anti-skid tiles in other areas of your home to prevent your elderly members from slipping. You can use these tiles in moist areas like the kitchen.

If you are searching for an experienced bathroom contractor in your location then you can contact us to hire our skilled experts.