Scholz adviser predicts severe recession across Europe after Russian gas cut

Foreign policy adviser to the German Chancellor, Jens Pletner, in the documentary Un president, l’europe et la guerre , said that a severe recession could begin throughout Europe after the refusal of Russian gas.

“If we abandon this now, and this is not only about gas, but about oil and coal, then I think that this will lead to a very strong recession in Germany, and therefore in the whole of Europe. For the largest economy in Europe, making such a decision with far-reaching consequences represents an irresponsible policy,” Pletner explained.

His colleague, adviser to the President of France Emmanuel Bonn added that Germany is the main opponent of the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

“Germany does not want to impose sanctions on gas, as it imports large volumes of blue fuel,” Bonn said.

Earlier, adviser to German Chancellor Jens Pletner was accused of Russophilia because of a joke about the work of the media.

Pletner was accused of “frivolously” complaining from the podium that the German media focused on the topic of supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine and did not pay enough attention to the issue of future relations with Moscow.

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