Practical tips about life on invisible braces

Practical tips about life on invisible braces

Do you want to improve your smile without bearing the discomfort of conventional braces? Modern orthodontics have evolved to an extent where it can cater to your precise expectation. Invisalign is a discreet procedure that delivers expected and predicted results. It uses clear aligners that are hardly noticeable inside your mouth. You can be rest assured that these plastic aligner trays remain virtually invisible inside the mouth to be traced by anyone.

More about the treatment

Before you start wearing these discreet braces to correct your orthodontic problem, it is mandatory to visit your chosen dentist for an appointment check-up. In this session the dentist diagnoses your overall mouth carefully to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. You should have sound oral health to undergo the treatment. Invisible braces can correct a number of orthodontic issues including the following –

  • Mild to moderate level of crooked teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Gummy smile or gaps between the teeth
  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Excessive over jet – a condition where the central tooth overlaps
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Serious malocclusion issues (in other words imperfect positioning of the teeth)

Invisalign – unlike traditional braces – is equally preferred by both teens and adults. The braces also prove magically effective among every age group of patients. It proves to be an excellent way to correct issues related to jaw alignment. If you suffer from any underlying issue – like periodontal disease for example – in that case you have to undergo the restorative treatment first and only then qualify as an Invisalign candidate.

There is nothing to worry about when dentist adjudge you unsuitable for Invisalign. In that case the expert will definitely recommend at least one suitable option. Now you must be wondering when Invisalign is denied to patients? Dentists usually suggest other orthodontic procedures in the following cases –

  • Severe level of teeth misalignment
  • In need to extensive dental restoration work
  • Serious overbite or under bite problem
  • Suffering from severe gum disease

In addition to the dental conditions mentioned above, you can also be disqualified from the treatment if you are not willing to wear the aligner trays 22 hours a day, as recommended by Invisalign. On a serious note, if you do not comply to this rule then there is no point going for this revolutionary teeth straightening treatment. It is absolutely certain in that case the treatment will not deliver expected and timely results.

Once you are judged as an ideal candidate for the cutting-edge treatment, an impression of your smile will be captured. This mold along with digitally scanned images and x-rays of your mouth are then used to prepare a series of precisely customized aligner trays. The aligner trays are made and shipped from Invisalign lab and thus it can easily take about two weeks from the time of the mold to reach your hands. The trays directly reach your dentist’s office. They inform you your aligners are ready. So you go to collect those on a scheduled date and time. Once you get your series of trays, your treatment starts.

Life on Invisalign

Each set of the aligner trays is meant to be worn for about two weeks and then you switch over to the next set of the trays in the series. This is how the treatment progresses. Each pair of trays comes in a numbered bag. You may also have the dates written on the bags so as it is easy reminding when you need to switch over to your new aligners.

It is pertinent that you keep wearing the aligner trays at least 22 hours a day. It is utmost crucial to comply with this rule day in and day out. Else you can never experience the magic of invisalign. Initially the aligner trays will fit snugly to your teeth. Therefore it is likely to experience some discomfort for the first couple of days every time after switching over to a new aligner.

This revolutionary teeth-straightening procedure is meant to straighten the teeth slowly over a period of time. The aligners are designed to exert gentle pressure on the teeth to facilitate their movement a little at a time. The aim is never to get the teeth straightened overnight. Each new set of aligners is relatively little straighter than the previous one. This gradual shift contributes to noticeably straighter teeth in course of weeks and months.

Crucial tips to make life easier during the treatment

  • Always slide in your fresh pair of aligner trays just before going to bed at night. Dentists dealing in invisible braces in Wimbledon point out those first few hours are of most discomfort and this way you can sleep off that period.
  • Maintain sound oral health and also regularly clean your aligner trays. When trays are clean there is no unwanted build-up that can hinder your treatment.
  • If you experience anything more than mild discomfort after slipping on the braces, report the matter to the dentist without delay.

In addition to the tips above, comply with the minimum 22 hours a day rule of wearing these aligners for expected results.

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