Prabhy Sodhi Conveys 5 Things that can Increase the Progression of Dementia

Dementia is a type of disorder that can increase gradually. Prabhy Sodhi is a well known Dementia Crae specialist in United Kingdom. He has established and marked his name in healthcare sector very well. Prabhy Sodhi is popular as Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Abbey Healthcare, Praby Sodhi and Prabhi Sodhi.

While this is usually the observation, in some instances, the disorder may be more progressive in certain conditions. These conditions are the result of certain factors or things, explains the dementia specialist, Prabhy Sodhi. Some of these factors are controllable. Thus, an attempt to stop dementia from quickly progressing can be made. Given the uncontrollable ones, it may not be possible to fully manage the factors. Even then, forming an understanding of them can help you be prepared for dealing better with dementia.

Prabhi Sodhi Shares Factors Leading to Increase in Dementia

There are 5 important factors that can make dementia progressive. The nature of these factors can be biological, lifestyle-related, etc. Factors such as age and depression can make dementia worse. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi also adds that these things can, at times, determine the disorder’s condition. When one is already aware of the same, he/she can reduce certain challenges for the loved one diagnosed with dementia.

  1. Way of Living

Your lifestyle can largely indicate what practices you utilize to live. Being diagnosed with dementia should not be understood as a lack of physical activeness. Though the disorder can both mentally and physically affect the body, practices that keep you healthy should still be adopted.

As per Prabhy Sodhi, when a dementia-diagnosed person’s lifestyle limits a healthy way of living, his/her brain can see its impact. This part of the body, along with several others, will find reduced circulation. Useful hormones such as endorphins shall not be sufficiently produced either. As the brain will be more affected, the disorder is likely to progress faster.

  1. A Patient’s Age

Age is a biological factor. It can give you less control over medical conditions like dementia. Mr. Sodhi explains that the functioning of the body may reduce with age. Considering that this body is also affected by dementia, this functioning may further lower down. Cognitive functions can additionally undergo changes. These changes may cause dementia to worsen as age increases.

It may not be possible to fully prevent, stop, or heal the changes occurring due to age. Despite this, dementia patients should go for regular checkups and be in the observation of medical professionals. Under their care, there can be some scope of maintaining the condition.

  1. Brain Damages due to Food

You may understand that food can form the basis of your body in many ways. The same thing can also cause dementia to be more progressive. As a patient with dementia, your poor dietary choices can damage the brain. The effect of excessive sugar, salt, etc., can make the symptoms of dementia worsen, says Prabhy Sodhi.

Note: A poor choice of food can also be the reason for the development of dementia. Likewise, the combination of some food items can increase the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, knowing what food items to avoid is a relevant practice.

  1. Meeting with a Head Injury or Trauma

Accidents can lead to head injuries or traumas. They can cause dementia. However, when a person has already been tested for the disorder, this factor can aggravate the condition. Due to such an injury or trauma, the person may start experiencing memory loss, confusion, problems with speech, and other symptoms. In the opinion of the dementia specialist, Mr. Sodhi, one may not be able to assume when a head injury or trauma may be met with. Nevertheless, when it occurs, there should be no delay in treatment from a medical expert. By failing to ensure the same, dementia can take a major toll on health.

  1. The Occurrence of Depression

Being diagnosed with dementia can give a person a sense of isolation. This can often lead to behavioral changes as well. Given that this person’s depression increases or is not dealt with, a major risk factor can develop. Specialists like Prabhy Sodhi regard that depression can lead to poor management of the disorder. The end result of this is likely to be increased symptoms of dementia.

Thus, it can be said that as depression gets worse, dementia can become more difficult to manage. Mr. Sodhi also supports that this can then have an impact on a patient mentally as well as physically. Moreover, cognitive abilities can be reduced.

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Drawing to a Conclusion

Differing from one case to the other, dementia is a condition that one should always be mindful of. It may not come with an assured cure. However, it is alarming to know that certain factors can aggravate it. Although biological factors may not limit its progression, the other things that can worsen it should be understood. Dementia specialists regard that this understanding will eventually aid you to seek the right help for the management of dementia.

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