Post- Graduation celebration ideas in Dubai

Time flies so fast and it feels like yesterday when we attended our graduation. Fast forward the years, here we are graduated. A high school graduation events deserves a celebration. The ending is the beginning of new chapters of the students. However, no matter whether you’re a parent of graduate of graduate itself, the blog is all about some of the best graduation celebration ideas in Dubai.

When you’re in the last session of graduation, you plan to set up your life and you deserve a celebration. Dubai is an ideal place for graduation parties that are worth remembering. Now, let’s explore these ideas for taking your celebration extravaganza to next level.

Graduation party on yacht

It’s fascinating to know that yacht hire Dubai allow you celebrate this momentous milestone in life by throwing a graduation party. With the sparkling waters as a backdrop, a yacht party will never be forgetting by you and your guests. Rent a yacht according to the number of people, discuss your requirements and get the venue ready. Yacht decorations, theme parties, delicious meal, live music, and onboard games are some of the highlights of yacht party.

Virtual Graduation Party

After a graduation, students scattered as they are from various parts of the region. Reunion is exciting but presence of student is quite challenging. So, to make everyone’s presence compulsory, you can host a meeting on Zoom or Google Meet. In this way, all the parents and students can attend the ceremony from home. You can create a school-themed background to use at the event and show an end of the year class. There’s also option to host a quiz and planning of award ceremony for get togethers.

Moreover, you can also make your event feel special by asking students to dress to impress. Moreover, wear gowns and caps and invite speaker to surprise the students.

Car Parade

You can also have a class graduation car parade where all families drive past the school gates. Number of exciting options are available for the students to make a worthy and well-deserved graduation ceremony. You can jump in the car with water shooters and blasters. Get ready and soak a line-up of teachers and principal. Moreover, the front of the school can also be decorated with end of year banners by students in class time.

  • Class Time Capsule

There’s no doubt, that leaving school is the definition of the end of an era. So, you should arrange for your child in order to leave something special for future generations to discover more. For this purpose, there’s need of a weather proof container as well as place to bury it. Plan for what to include more in the task. In order to make the things easier, brilliant time capsule kit is also available on various websites.

  • Outdoor Prom

If the weather conditions allow, outdoor gatherings are favorable in Dubai. Take some restrictions permissions for gatherings outdoors such as the school playing field. It’s recommended that students wear face-masks and can it a Mask-querade Ball. Moreover, there are some limitations on seating, food as well as dancing. The students get an ideal chance to swap their PE kits for Prom dresses. Enjoy a red-carpet arrival and have fun with your graduate meets.

  • Balloon Pop Countdown

It’s all about for the teachers to enjoy an unusual countdown for the best celebration of the last day of term. For the perfect celebration, the last 10 days of school, you can write down a different activity with different patterns and put it inside one of 10 balloons. The balloons are kept in the classroom. All you have to do is pop a balloon daily and get the students to do the activity.

  • Tie balloon photo chandelier

Graduation party is the name of celebrating togetherness with best pals. Such kind of parties allow you remember the most heartfelt moments of life. However, in term of party decoration, shiny balloons and fancy Chandeliers have a small role to play. Now, there’s no need to go for a balloon photo chandelier. All you have to do is, have the candid pictures with these balloons to scatter throughout the space. When the friends arrive at the party venue, they will be stunned to see a creativity level that will not resist appreciating an innovative thought again and again.