Pocket Knives

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a type of sharp weapon that can meet a variety of needs while hunting. Depending on its functional and design features, you can purchase a pocket knife for skinning, slaughtering, and other tasks (the price of which is stated on our website damascus1). Other models have also been developed, which are suitable not only for fishing nets but also for domestic purposes.

The modern range of Pocket knives is very diverse, the product is distinguished by the shape of the blade, the quality of the steel, the size, and other characteristics, even classified by their nationality: 

  • Damascus Pocket knives
  • Japanese Pocket knives

Features Of Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are one of the most common types of blades. Its greatest demand is due to its incredible strength, reliability of use, and long service life. In terms of design, these models basically consist of only one blade. The handle on these products is a one-piece design with two pads attached to the blade.

Different types of steel can be used to make this type of knife: Damascus, Japanese, and others. Overall all Pocket knives are usually made of steel, and for a more dramatic look, they are decorated with roots or engraving. Overlays can be made of ivory and other materials.

1.  Features Of Damascus Pocket Knife

The traditional Damascus Pocket knife is widely used not only by the people of Europe. These blades attract the attention of many people. The growing interest in these products is due to their special shape and unique features, thanks to which knives and rubies are an indispensable attribute of everyday life.

Damascus Pocket knives are divided into several types:

  • Damascus compact model with a blade 8-11 cm. They are mainly used by children and women for simple tasks.
  • Damascus Blue Pocket Knife is the most common shape, reaching a length of 11-17 cm;
  • Damascus The blade is more than 17 cm long. Less popular than the previous type. In the past, the Damascus Pocket knife was used primarily as a military weapon.
  • A long Damascus sword (50 cm or more) with a curved blade.

There is a bucket in the Damascus Pocket knife. This interval acts as a kind of blood circulation and does not allow the blade to get “stuck” in the carcass of the animal.

2. Feature of the Japanese Pocket knife

In most cases, Japanese Pocket knives are approximately 12.5 cm long and 2.0 cm wide. For the manufacture of these models, high-quality steel with a thickness of at least 0.4 cm is used. Thanks to these properties, the Japanese Pocket knife withstands mechanical stress well. There are valleys on both sides of the chador. As far as the edge is concerned, it’s just one side.

Japanese Pocket Knives of this type are usually made of high carbon steel, in which nickel plays the role of alloying components, which improves the anti-corrosion properties, and chromium, which makes the metal more resistant to corrosion. ۔ Negative effects of external factors.

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