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The plastic euro container is the optimal solution for the collection and storage of waste, both in everyday life and in economic areas, housing, and communal services. You can buy a plastic bins Birmingham container with a capacity of 80 to 1100 liters on our website, in the presence of a model of our own production, as well as from the largest brands in UK, Poland, and Germany. Compliance with the international standard DIN EN 840. Unlike classic metal products, a plastic waste container is not subject to rust, is resistant to alkalis and acids, and weighs 2.5 times less, which is especially convenient in transportation and operation. You can buy a universal plastic trash can from us, suitable for household and industrial waste, as well as a specialized one, designed for food, biological waste or separate collection.

Plastic trash cans with a lid: features

You can buy a plastic waste container from us, equipped with a convenient flat or round lid that prevents wind and birds from overflowing and spilling the contents. Large models at the bottom have a drain hole with a plug. Each garbage can is plastic on wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, which can be two or four. The wheels are strong and, stable, the tires are made of thick hard rubber, and there are clamps. They serve for years, but even if the wheel breaks due to temporary wear, it is easy to replace it with a new one – we have all the components. Optionally, it is possible to install a pedal for opening the lid without the help of hands.

Other benefits:

  • Impact-resistant materials. Does not deform under static and dynamic loads;
  • Advanced production technology – rotational molding with molding;
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures (but not suitable for collecting burning ash);
  • Resistance to precipitation, acids, and alkalis, ultraviolet;
  • Large selection of sizes and colors;
  • Do not require expensive maintenance – touch-up, restoration of shape;
  • Long service life, as there is no corrosion and deformation;
  • A smooth surface prevents stickingLightweighth;
  • High load capacity – up to 400 kg and more in overall article numbers.


  • Plastic garbage containersare designedthecothe collection, store, and transportation of household garbage and waste. They are not subject to corrosion, are easy to sanitize, and have a large capacity. Bin Manufacturer Birmingham provides hermetically sealed with a lid. Large-sized tanks are ideal for collecting garbage not only on the streets of the city but also for collecting technical waste at enterprises.

    We offer waste bins and waste containers in both standard and non-standard configurations. Production of garbage cans of various flowers is possible.

  • Waste bins can be equipped with high-quality wheels, as well as a pedal to open the lid.

    Containers for solid waste are an integral part of any enterprise or residential complex. Garbage containers are classified according to their capacity. There are containers with a volume of 120, 240, 360, 660, 1100 liters. Sometimes garbage containers are divide into two-wheeled and four-wheeled. Plastic garbage containers have advantages over metal ones, primarily due to their lower (almost 3 times) weight.

    Waste bins are nested inside each other for transport.

    Under the order there is a possibility of production of garbage containers and tanks of any configuration. Our experts will help prepare an attractive design, and then implement it.