Plantable Business Cards | Reasons For Their Increasing Popularity

Almost everyone carries a number of visiting cards in their wallets. In the same way, how many have been stashed away by you so far? It has been seen that when you visit any real estate agents and tradespeople, you often get their business cards in case you need to contact them again. Whenever you throw these unwanted pieces of paper, have you ever thought of the waste? If so, you should not worry. Since many companies have started producing plantable business cards. However, are you even aware of the term plantable card? Now, you will know! We have elaborated on everything related to these cards in this post. 

What is Plantable Seed Paper?

To put it simply, plantable seed paper is paper that really contains seeds. This unique paper is meant to be planted rather than thrown in a bin. When it comes to fighting deforestation, planting paper is the new form of insurrection. This paper provides the last retort to all forms of environmental abuse. An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper, plantable seed paper may be planted and grown into a living plant. It’s produced by hand and completely compostable. Plantable paper is designed to be broken up and sown in little pieces. Seeds may be nurtured into saplings with enough care. The seeds embedded in plantable seed paper are secure from contamination since no chemicals are used in their production.  

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Plantable Business Cards

  • Good Environment Approaches 

The term “corporate sustainability” refers to a method of doing company that prioritises environmental protection and economic success simultaneously. Given the increasing environmental concerns, it is essential that businesses adopt green practices. Sharing with the public an organisation’s dedication to eco-friendly policies may pay dividends. That’s what seed paper campaigns are all about, and they do it in a fun, engaging manner that helps the planet.  They can effectively convey their beliefs since the media itself is an integral element of the message. 

  • Something Different 

Even though the concept of plantable paper emerged a few years ago, for some brands, this is a completely new thing. Thus, by using plantable business cards, they want to convey the message of something new. They want to attract customers towards their products. Saving nature is definitely an impressive task, and it will be like a cherry on the cake if the customers can grow beautiful plants out of waste paper. That’s why businesses have started using seed paper. 

  • To Encourage Customers & Employees

Seed paper is a great medium for spreading messages that encourage people to take action, such as those often distributed by businesses and organisations. A strong and meaningful message may be sent by working with the receivers to plant daisies that will benefit the planet. To exemplify, on Earth Day, Shaw Communications Inc. sent Eco Bookmarks in the shape of the planet Earth, complete with planting instructions, to its staff and customers. 

  • Concept of Evolving 

Among the most successful methods to utilise plant, paper is to include the word into the item’s symbolic character, whether the company’s objective is to promote growth and teamwork, community development, organisational progress, or financial investments. Growable paper is a smart promotional tool for businesses since, once planted in soil, it grows and contributes to the company’s ability to tell a narrative.

The Bottomline

In addition to enhancing soil and wetland health, water quality, and habitat for wildlife, plantable cards may help with reforestation efforts. Additionally, they may inspire individuals to grow gardens at home, which are healthier for the earth than precisely maintained lawns and offer much-needed shelter for honeybees and other species. Most plantable business cards use recycled paper and vegetable inks. Therefore, enterprises have commenced using them.