Which Planet is Responsible for Marriage?

The beginning of a new stage of your life is marked by marriage, which is the union of two hearts. Our ancients considered marriage a sacred bond that they attached great importance to. They used the ancient Indian system for astrology to find suitable partners so they could live a happy, long and harmonious marriage life.

The Planet Responsible For Marriage:

Kalathra Karaka is Venus, which is the significator for marriage and therefore remains the main facilitator. The planet represents marital bonds, love, spouse and pleasure. But, each planet has their share of responsibility and plays their part in marriage.

Mercury, Jupiter and Venus remain auspicious and benefic while Saturn, Rahu and Rahu are inauspicious and malefic. The general consensus is that the malefic planets may hinder early marriages while the benefic ones can help.

The Horoscopic House for Marriage –

The Houses of a horoscope are equally important as the planets for any major aspect of life. In the case of marriage, they can even be more. These 12 horoscopic houses correspond to 12 zodiac signs. The 7th House is for marital life, marriage, and the spouse. This 7th House, also known as Kalathrasthana, is the House of Marriage. The placement of this House in a Horoscope and the nature and planets associated to it can provide strong clues about the quality and length of the natives’ marital lives. The 7th House and planet Venus can both be held responsible for.

Houses and Planets:

Combining the planets with the House, one can safely assume that association of the 7th house with auspicious planets could denote early marriage, a cordial, successful and long-lasting relationship. If it is not in your natal chart, this can indicate a delayed marriage or a difficult relationship.

If Venus and the auspicious Mercury, the cause planet for marriage, are in the 7th House of a birth chart, a native can expect to marry early in their lives. A 7th House Mercury or Moon can signify marriage, even if it is not around 23-24 years old. The 7th House is where the great benefactor Jupiter is. Natives may expect to marry by 25, 26.

If the Sun, considered inauspicious, is located in the Kalathra Sthana (7th House), it is possible that the marriage is delayed or encounters many obstacles. The inauspicious Planet Mars is also believed to have fiery qualities. The fearsome Manglik Dosha, the Mars affliction, can occur if this Mars is in the 7th House. This can lead to marital problems such as delayed marriages and marital conflict between couples. Saturn, a malefic and feared planet, can be a problem because it is present in the 7th house. This could mean that a marriage may take place later than expected, up to 35 years old or even later. If this unlucky Saturn is in the 7th house of marriage with an auspicious planet it may be early but the marriage may not take place until 2 years later.

If Rahu, Saturn, and Sun are in the 7th house, this can cause delays in marriages. If the House of marriage doesn’t have any planets, then the status and fate of the marriage could depend on whether the planetary Lord of that House is in place or if other planets are in the natal chart.

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