Live Cricket TV Shows & Movies on Pikashow App

 Would you like to learn how to watch Cricket on your Android device? Of course, you do! And it is possible with a new app called Pikashow App. This is a great new app that offers a lot of features and lets you stream all cricket matches without any problem.

What is the Pikashow app?

Pikashow App allows you to watch all your favorite TV Shows, sports & Movies with subtitles in different languages.

This app has been designed especially for Cricket lovers who are looking for live cricket matches from around the world.

Is it safe to install the Pikashow app? 

Yes, the Pikashow App is safe to install! This App provides the best services for users to watch their favorite movies and videos on their Android devices. This App is available in the Google Play Store where it can be downloaded by anyone interested in watching movies online.

How to download the Pikashow app for Android 

 You can download this app for Android from the Google Play Store. You can also directly download the APK file from the website of Pikashow.

To download Pikashow App on your Android phone, you need to follow these steps:

Go to Google Play Store and search “Pikashow”

Open the page and click on “Install”

Now, you will be asked to enter a valid email address. Enter your email address and then click on “Next”

You will be asked to enter a password for your account. Enter your password and then click on “Next”

Now, you can start downloading the app!

Why is the PikaShow app not working? 

The majority of Pikashow App users were unable to log in since the app was not functioning. They may be curious as to why Pikashow is not functioning; server maintenance may be the cause. The program might not function properly if your data connection is poor. These are the fixes for this App Not Working problem.

Wait a while; the app might be in maintenance mode.

The server could be busy or unavailable.

Verify your wifi or data connection.

Check the time and date settings on the device.

Restart your gadget

Updating your gadget

Why does Pikashow have so many updates?

Pikashow App receives frequent upgrades since we want our consumers to adore it and improve it. To our app, we frequently add new things like live cricket, TV episodes, new movies, and new videos.

We also have a ton of amazing new features coming up soon! Keep an eye out since we’ll be putting these features into action very soon!

How many downloads does Pikashow have?

More than 5 million people have downloaded Pikashow App globally.

Pikashow is the ideal app for you if you enjoy viewing movies and TV series on your phone or tablet.

The app’s user-friendly layout makes it simple to explore through the enormous library of video content it offers.

You will be able to quickly find what you need thanks to Pikashow’s simple navigation tools!


The Pikashow App is a great way to just relax and enjoy your favorite content or share it with friends. It’s also an awesome way to watch content from around the world, without leaving your home. The quality of the streaming content is amazing, and the PikaShow Team is constantly updating with new content, making the app itself worth downloading.