PDF Drive: 8 Ways To Drive A Man Crazy In love With You!


Your man might not admit it, but he can’t help but notice the little things about you that drive him crazy. Whether he’ll ever admit it or not, your man is a creature of habit, and something as simple as changing his routine can throw him completely off guard. The way he eats. The clothes he wears. The kind words you say to him when you don’t expect him to answer back. It doesn’t matter how many times he sees you do these things—he’ll always think they’re special and unique when they come from you.

Although every man is different and will react differently to these little tricks, there are lots of them out there who use them on unsuspecting romantics all the time. It only takes a few of them to make a big difference in the way your man feels about you. Here are 10 surefire ways in PDF Drive to make a man crazy that will have him chasing after you like no other:

1. Change up your hair routine.

Don’t change your hair routine just to make him notice you—if that’s all you do—but do keep it fresh. If your hair is always worn in the exact same way, or if it’s always in a bun or ponytail, your man can’t help but miss the ways you’re always new and different without even trying. Changing up the color of your hair, just a little, can make all the difference—and not just because it’s different than how you usually look. Your hair color can be a great reminder to your man that you’re always trying to look your best for him.

2. Surprise him with a homemade meal.

If your man is a foodie, he’ll love you for this one. If he’s more of a “bacon and eggs” guy, then he’ll be blown away by a steak and a baked potato. And even if he’s the one who cooks most of the time, it’s always nice to surprise him with a little homemade meal now and then. Try making something different each time you cook for him. It’s an easy way to show him that cooking isn’t just something you do for him—it’s an extension of who you are.

3. Find the little things he enjoys and do them for him.

If your man loves movies, find a magazine or website with movie reviews and read them to him. If he loves reading, find a book with a review on it to read to him. Or find a site with a recipe he might like—cooking isn’t just for women anymore—and surprise him by taking the time to make it for him. It doesn’t matter how big or small the thing is—having you find something he enjoys and do it for him shows him that you’re always thinking of his every need.

4. Learn how to cook his favorite food.

This one might sound a little out there, but hear us out. Cooking for your man is a great way to show him that you care about him and his health. Not only can it be something fun and relaxing for you to do together, but it can also help him lose weight and feel better when he’s not feeling well. If he loves his junk food, try and make healthier versions of his favorite foods that he’ll enjoy just as much. It’s a great way to show him that you care about him and his health while getting him to eat healthier foods he loves.

5. Help out with household chores.

If your man is the clean-up person in the relationship, don’t ignore his requests to help out with the chores. Instead, offer to help him clean up from dinner or help him with the dishes when he’s done with them. It’s a great way to show him that you appreciate him without having to say it. And it’s a simple way to help him feel like he has more to offer as a man in a relationship.

6. Keep that sweet voice of yours when you talk to him.

Sometimes men can be really hard on themselves, and getting your sweet voice back when you’re around him is a great way to let him know that you care and that you’re not the harshest person he knows. It’s not a good idea to be mean or cruel to him when you have a sweet voice—that’s not what this is about. Instead, try and keep it as sweet as you can be.

7. Try a little body language manipulation when you talk to him.

Men are visual creatures—we live in our heads, but a lot of the time we don’t really see what’s going on around us. If you struggle to keep your cool when you’re around him, do something to subtly show him that you’re not as calm as you normally are. For example, if you’re extremely fidgety, try and keep a hand still or a till while you talk to him. It might not seem like a big thing, but it will help him see that you’re nervous around him and that you don’t want to be.

8. Never lose your confidence—that drives any man crazy.

Confidence is sexy and it can be hard to find—but it doesn’t have to come from being arrogant. Rather, it can come from being kind of shy and quiet, as long as you keep it from being cocky. Being confident doesn’t mean that you have to be cocky and act like you know everything in the world—it just means that you know that you know something that someone else doesn’t. Your man will be okay with it if you just keep your confidence from turning into arrogance.


Despite the fact that some people favor material items, it is usually the intangibles that matter. All you need to do is to know if the man you’re in a relationship with right now is the most qualified candidate for you. Is he a man who can bear all of the agonies and overcome all of the obstacles that life will throw his way?

It’s the most important question you should ask yourself. We hope that this blog post on PDF Drive has helped you drive your man crazy about you in bed. And try some of the things listed here and tell us what happened in the comment section below. We’ll love to hear from you!