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Are you tired of your hectic schedule? Do you like to have fun when you have free time? Some of these pursuits can be done to kill time. Children could also find it to be appealing. Internet searches for entertaining and unique activities are common among viewers around the world. While some of these are pretty logical, others will make you chuckle or give you the inspiration to take an unusual action. Let’s read the post and have a look at Scrolling Time Waster


Users of the online platform Patorjk can engage in a variety of activities while gaining valuable points. The webpage known as Scrolling Time Waster was created by Patorjk. It has text that alters as you scroll in terms of colour, form, and movement.

It offers many games, apps, and visualisations. It has 23 years of experience and this popular online platform gives you all the pleasure of wasting time by Scrolling Text.This platform also gives you the opportunity to write text in spanish. It changes texts into different colours, designs and visuals collectively making it so appealing and soothing to Scroll text and have fun out of it.

How to use patorjk scrolling time waster

  • After reaching out to the patorjk, go to scrolling time waster
  • Once you have opened the page, you’ll notice texts written on the screen with different colours and form making it so alluring visuals.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the blank tab on the bottom left corner.
  • Type the texts you want to read, then touch “Again! Again! Say!” after each one.

Enjoy the visuals displayed on the screen after tapping on it.


  • On this webpage, you’ll find an option of auto scroll or manual scroll which is at the bottom of the page. When you turn on the auto scroll mode then your texts will automatically scroll. This feature allows the texts to look so fascinating that you just want to see it continuously.
  • Second feature of this patorjk is that along with the auto scroll option , you also get the chance to adjust the timings of the auto scroll option. There’s no limit to the timings. You may enter however much time you like.


It has an excellent credit score of 96% and the site was developed in the late nineties and is used worldwide. is used by many people and is secured. It has been there for a long time and it is a trusted site which can be used without any fear of your device being at threat. This site contains highly obsolete material which is of no relevance in the present scenario. If you want to learn old programming languages then you reach out to its blogs, tutorials and articles. So enjoy the Scroll text time waster and be happy.

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