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Digital marketing trends change as frequently as the seasons (often just as fast). Creating a marketing plan that effectively adapts to these changes can be challenging for even the most experienced marketers.

Which trends are worth investing time and resources into, and which can be ignored? The answer isn’t always clear, but there are some general rules of thumb. If you’re new to digital marketing or have struggled with keeping up with the changing trends, this article will give you a jump-start on where the industry is going. Make sure to hire an SEO company in Bangalore to get all the best results possible for your brand!

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in the marketing world for some time now, but 2023 will be the year it finally breaks through to the mainstream. AI is already being used in marketing in everything from creating personalized customer experiences to improving email automation, but brands are just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential. Big brands like GE, IBM, and Microsoft will be using their AI resources to advance marketing technology and services. IBM, for example, recently acquired WaaW, a company that uses AI to recommend content and build brand audiences. AI will likely gain steam in the marketing world as it becomes more accessible.

Video Content is King

Video content is an extremely versatile type that has grown in popularity since the dawn of the internet. From feature-length films to cat videos, a video is an option for nearly any type of business or marketing campaign. As the demand for video has increased, marketers have had to adapt. One trend that has emerged is the rise of vertical video. Traditionally, video has been shot horizontally, with the image’s width taking up the entire screen. Vertical video, on the other hand, takes up only the screen’s height. This trend caught on as more people began watching videos on their phones. By 2023, it’s estimated that more than half of all online video views will come from mobile devices.

Virtual Reality for Marketing

One of the biggest obstacles to VR adoption has been the cost. With the advent of cheaper hardware and easier access to software, the cost of entry has steadily declined. Many major brands have also begun experimenting with VR, using it to run everything from product demonstrations to VR tours. What’s more, major platforms like Facebook and Google have been investing heavily in VR. Facebook recently opened up its VR SDK, allowing brands to create VR content more easily. Google, on the other hand, acquired VR startup Veer. Together, their efforts are likely to advance VR adoption and help it break into the mainstream.

Facebook is Still Important

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, but there have been rumblings of declining popularity for several years now. In 2023, those rumblings will grow louder, but marketers shouldn’t panic. Although the public may be growing tired of Facebook, marketers should still view it as an important tool. Facebook is actively adapting its algorithms to improve the user experience and prioritize content that users find most relevant. This should also improve the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing channel.

Millennials Are Still Influencing Brands

When digital marketing first began to boom, it was easy to associate it with millennials: the generation born between 1980 and 2000. What’s more, millennials are still demonstrating significant influence over the purchasing decisions of other generations. A recent study found that millennials are the most likely to make purchases based on recommendations from social media influencers. What does this mean for marketers? It’s important to keep up with the latest trends and ensure your brand effectively targets the millennial generation.

Final Take

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. New trends are always emerging, and old trends are always fading away. It can be difficult to keep up with these changes and figure out which trends are worth investing time and resources into and which can be ignored. Keep an eye on the biggest digital marketing trends brands that are flourishing in 2022. These trends can greatly impact how businesses approach marketing, from AI to live video.