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Whether you are a hair stylist or an online store owner, New Times Hair has all of your needs covered. They offer affordable non-surgical hair replacement and herbal hair substitutes. In addition, you can browse their galleries and find all of the types of hairstyles you’d like to try. In addition to providing hair replacement, New Times Hair also provides hair styling supplies, including accessories, and wigs. To learn more about New Times Hair, please see below.

NCON (formerly called ICON) mono base hair wig

The NCON is made from a long-lasting material called super fine welded mono. This makes it breathable and strong, yet it is 100% natural. Its hand-sewn cross-stitching and alley-stitching add to its durability. The hair is also 100% human, making it suitable for women who want a more natural-looking look. NCON is available on backorder, but it is well worth the wait!

The NCON mono base hair wig can be customized to any size, color and density. A wig stylist can design any hair product that is appropriate for a client, including a mono base hair wig. The NCON mono base hair wig comes in two different density levels, light and medium. The NCON mono base hair wig comes in medium-light and light densities, as well as a custom lace unit called ICONAL.
N6 French lace hair machine

The Newtimes N6 French lace hair system is a warm-selling model

Made of breathable poly skin, it is easy to clean and connect. Plenty of holes allow warmth to escape from the hair system. The poly skin on the perimeter helps the machine stay cool even on hot days. It also enhances comfort while bonding and applying glue. You can enjoy a comfortable fit and stylish look with this hair machine.

The N6 French lace hair system is a great choice for anyone looking to get a real-looking wig without the hassle of weaving the hair. Its fine lace knots create a realistic hairline. It also has a breathable center section that is suitable for tropical climates. It is easy to stick the tape to the hair system because of the clear PU. The hairpiece has fine knots and is bleached on the front for a natural look.

Before applying the lace hair system, make sure that your scalp and hair are clean. Wash your hair thoroughly and dry it with a towel. You can also apply adhesive solvent for a more secure bond. This will protect your scalp from adhesive residues. Moreover, you can apply hair system glue to your hair after you have made sure it’s clean and safe to use. Just make sure to use a product that is suitable for your hair type.

To bleach the hair system, you must make sure that the knots have been bleached before you apply it. A great manufacturer will do this for you, ensuring you have an invisible hair line. For your comfort and safety.

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