Need of Doing Internships by Students


We all must have heard of the word” internship”. In many colleges when students get promoted in graduation then they are provided with a certain period of time to work professionally in any company to get practical knowledge of professional jobs. Students have already a lot of pressure on their academics and being in the final year of graduation, they always keep thinking that how are they going to survive in the outer world having no experience. Due to this fear sometimes, students are not able to perform well in their campus selection interviews and lose the chance to get a golden chance regarding their career. Sometimes students become so nervous that they even forget simple abbreviations in the interview like LMS full form.

Students presume that they are not able to learn from their textbooks properly then how are they going to balance the life of corporate internships and their studies together, whereas the truth is far different from this fear. Actually, internship is that practical knowledge where students see the theoretical concepts come into life and how they are incorporated in the daily routine of corporate life through various departments. Also, when done perfectly and properly, an internship adds stars to the resume of the students. It helps the students to boost their career just like school management software helps the school management boost their working procedure.

Students being recently passed out from college are called freshers because they are fresh and have no practical knowledge of the outer world. But this stage gets a strong boost when students present themselves to the interviewer with a good internship report. All the different kinds of jobs hold a different work atmosphere which makes the employees execute their jobs well and in a proper manner. During internships students come to understand practically the importance of such a work atmosphere. Precious experiences gathered during internship helps students to adapt the work atmosphere and environment of any type of job. Just like school management software helps school management adapt new and innovative changes in the teaching-learning process.

Those students who take internships lightly and just submit a bought certificate of internships suffer a lot in their professional life due to lack of practical knowledge. The initial step of getting a job or we can say the introductory phase is a resume. Every interviewer or employer asks for the resume first to know the initial data about the data. So the internship is that tool which adds up to the resume of the students. And along with personal and academic data, internship details explain the professional proficiency of the student. In such interviews employers or interviewers can ask many professional questions. Like abbreviations as LMS full form but apart from tough. Or easy questions a good internship report makes a different and deep impact on the interviewer.

Students who study in classes during graduation have a lot of dreams. But they are far away from reality and in reality, job performance is not so easy. But how students get the chance to understand it is only through internship. Students who don’t take internships spend a lot of time to understand the work culture and methodology to understand. How to perform and work in professional life while those who go through internship. They already have this knowledge and after joining the job they just focus on performing and gaining growth. Here students attain real life experience apart from bookish knowledge and theories they have read in their books. They understand the real-life pressure of targets and tactics to achieve them sooner.

Here students understand the harm procrastination causes in real life.  Which they used to do now and then in college time without thinking much. Feedback is a very important part of professional life. In internship students learn the importance of on-the-job appraisal and feedback given by seniors, colleagues and office management. This inspires and makes the students understand the strategy to perform well and gain appraisal. Also, the most important one in internship students get the chance to see their seniors handle the critical situations. And bring the draining departments into profit. Such precious knowledge and information are learn by only watching experienced people performing and by learning from them.