Myths and Facts About Cancer

Cancer occurs when the cells undergo mutation, and as a result, start to multiply uncontrollably. These then cause formation of a mass, also known as tumor. These cells then hoard the resources, causing the healthy cells to suffer as a result.

Globally, a significant number of people suffer from cancer. Depending on the type of cancer, its stage, treatment, one’s own condition, the prognosis is then ascertained accordingly by the doctor.

Since cancer is an issue affecting many, having its sound knowledge is important. Inaccurate or misinformation is not just dangerous for the health of the patient, but it also hampers their wellbeing too.

Ideally, for most accurate information about your case, consulting the best Oncologist in Lahore. Otherwise as well, sifting the facts from the myths is important as well.

Cancer facts and myths

Cancer can spread from one person to another


Cancer is not contagious, so you don’t have to worry about being in the vicinity of those with cancer.

Essentially, certain types of bacteria and viruses like HPV or H.Pylori can be passed from one person to another, and these infections can increase the risk of getting cancer. That, however, does not mean that the person gets cancer from the other person.

Cancer and its treatment are very painful


Cancerous cells can grow and spread without one even realizing their presence, so it may be that the cancer is not painful at all.

Moreover, cancer treatment like radiation therapy and chemotherapy are often considered to be extremely painful experiences. While in some patients it may be the case that its painful, in most cases, the symptoms are not very severe, and may be managed with medication.

Eating sugar can cause the cancerous cells to grow


While yes, cancer cells consume more glucose than your regular cells, however, that does not mean that your consumption of sugar will lead to the cancer shrinking or growing. But it does not also mean that you indulge in too many sweets, as that is not a healthy choice to make.

Sugar causes many problems around the body otherwise, including weight gain problems. Since obesity is a risk factor for cancer, so it does have an indirect impact on your chances of getting cancer.

Getting cancer once means you can get it again


People with personal history of cancer are more likely to get cancer again. Due to this risk, patients are carefully observed few years after getting treatment for cancer in case they relapse. However, nothing is absolutely 100% sure.

If you have cancer in the family, you will get it too


Having a family history of cancer can increase the risk for cancer, however, that does not mean that one is bound to get the disease. In many cases, taking prophylactic measures like lifestyle changes, better eating habits, quitting smoking, not using certain materials like BPA can help in lowering the risk of cancer. You can buy generic ED medicine like buy vidalista 20 mg and Vidalista 60 amazon to treat ED.

Feeling a lump in the breast means that you have breast cancer


Some women can become concerned when they feel lump in their breasts, however, they should not be so hasty in panicking. There can be benign tumors or other lumps that are not cancerous in nature.

However, whenever you observe lump in your breast, then you should visit a doctor and get relevant tests done to ascertain if the lump is cancerous or not.

Getting cancer means you are going to die


This myth has serious consequences for one’s health and morale. Just because you get a cancer diagnosis does not mean that you have a death sentence. Each person has a different prognosis. There are various factors that determines one’s progress. Only your Oncologist in Islamabad can let you know where you stand with regards to your health. However, also please know that gradually, the survival rates for cancer have improved over the years.

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