Must-Have Essentials That Every Women Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Hello Women! Are you planning to change or revamp your Wardrobe? No matter how much you buy, you will always feel incomplete. But in reality, it is not just about fewer clothes in the cupboard – in fact, it is about some missing essentials. The hottest trends are coming up every day! It is common for every woman to have the urge to shop so that they be updated with current fashion. But do you know some fashion items are always evergreen? Yes, some women’s essentials have been used for years without any change.

It is a must for every woman to have some bare essentials in their closet despite changing fashion. But what are they? Stock up your wardrobe with must-have wardrobe basics for women

  • Blue denim: A woman must have a pair of blue denim in her wardrobe. Well-fitted denim can be worn on any top, such as a shirt, t-shirt or even a Kurti. This piece of bottom elongates the legs visually and accentuates the hips. Prefer taking a dark shade as it will also make your leg look skinny. Plus, an added advantage of having a pair of denim is that you can accessorise with anything.


  • Trouser: Are you a working lady? If yes, then you must have basic relaxed trousers in your closet. Ankle length or flair bottoms are completely your choices. These formal pants can be your everyday go-to office outfit. It can be paired with a shirt, t-shirt, blazer, cardigan and so on. Moreover, the stretchable material of the pant gives you the liberty to move the way you like. Navy, black, brown and beige are some basic colours that you should definitely go for.


  • Legging: Legging is another name for comfort. Be it a workout, going to the office or lounging all day at home – a legging can be your companion in every situation! Furthermore, these bottoms are so versatile that you have a legging for every purpose. This casual outfit is both formal and informal. We recommend you to have this work-friendly and trendy legwear as it shall never go out of fashion.


  • Kurti: Not many women wear Kurtis – but still, you should have at least one. Wearing a Kurti once in a while will give you that different vibe. Not just this, owning a Kurti comes with other benefits too. Imagine rushing to the grocery store urgently; a Kurti can be at the rescue in such situations. Just tie your hair up and pair any bottoms down – ta-da! You are all set to go!


  • Nightwear: What comforts you after a long hectic day? It is nightwear! In a literal sense, it gives you freedom from the sophisticated fitted clothes. A night dress, nighty or gown is what every woman must have. How about a kaftan? That is even more breathable, airy and easy to wear. So, ladies, revamp your closet with some amazing nightwear so you can enjoy sleeping peacefully.


  • Handbag: Imagine yourself wearing your dress, footwear, accessories and hair all done for a friend’s reunion. What is missing? Taken your mobile…housekeys…? Still, something is left – and that is a handbag. Every woman should have at least one handbag so that she can carry all her essentials such as keys, mobile, tissue, lip balms and other hygiene materials in it. Handbags for women are very essential! Whenever you buy, just ensure that you take one of a minimal size that has enough space to fit all your important things.


  • Wallet: You just can’t be throwing all your cards and money straight into a handbag. Neither you can keep that handy. Thus, wallets for women are extremely vital! Coins, cash and cards need to have a designated space – and a wallet fulfils that. So, ladies when you revamp your wardrobe, don’t forget to add a wallet to your cart.


  • Sneakers: Comfortable footwear can take you anywhere without being tired. That is what a pair of sneakers do. Apart from having other footwear such as sandals and slippers – a sneaker is a must to add to the closet as it is not just comfortable but also versatile. In short, it can be worn in any attire. Additionally, sneakers are also mandated for a workout. Hence, you should have one!


  • Heels: Another footwear that is very important is heels. You can’t wear a sneaker, slippers or any other footwear to a party or a date evening. Heels add charm and elegance to the personality of an individual. Though it is occasional wear, but every woman should buy at least one.


  • T-shirt and joggers: What is your holiday outfit? Something that keeps you relaxed while lounging in the house. It is a t-shirt and joggers! These pieces of clothing are the ultimate wear in which one can stay all day. Cooking, cleaning, laundry – no matter what household activity you do, a t-shirt and a jogger makes it really easy.


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