Modern kitchen and dinnerware for unforgettable meals

In an effort to promote more family dinnertimes, Bed Bath & Beyond has launched a new range of modern cooking and dining products called Our TableTM. Exclusive to Bed Bath & Beyond, Our Table provides a fashionable and useful range of cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, tablecloths, kitchen gadgets and more.. A new era of hosting guests, exchanging recipes, and enjoying meals together has begun with the launch of Our Table.

Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware, Bed Bath and Beyond Dinnerware, and Bed Bath and Beyond Table provide everything you need to prepare a delicious meal, set a beautiful table, and clean up the kitchen quickly and easily. The collection is made up of natural materials like wood and marble, as well as contemporary classics like metal finishes. High-quality, heat- and stain- and antibacterial-resistant performance materials like silicone and stainless steel are widely used in the kitchen because of their practicality. But they also speak to contemporary culinary trends with their thoughtful revisions, clean lines, and an emphasis on function over form.

Bed Bath And Beyond Cookware, Bed Bath And Beyond Dinnerware is competitively and reasonably priced.. With costs ranging from $5 for a silicone whisk to $120 for a 10-piece stainless steel cookware set, hosts can make gatherings with family and friends appear warm and welcoming with a Bed Bath And Beyond Coupon available.

Table Is A Symbol Of The Happiness And Love

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Bed Bath & Beyond family,” said Joe Hartig, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Bed Bath & Beyond and President of Harmon Stores, Inc. “Many of us are ready to welcome guests back into our homes after spending far too much time apart,” said Hartig.

In addition to being functional, our Table series was designed with the objective of encouraging people to mingle and spend more time with loved ones. Learning new recipes, passing on cherished family customs, or just gathering around the table to share a meal with loved ones is all part of the pleasure and love that food can bring to our lives.

An Item From Our Table

Important items in the collection include:

10-Piece Cookware Sets

Stainless steel and aluminium anodized versions are also available. You’ll be able to comfortably prepare meals with each set. Regardless of the method used, all three options provide quick and equal heat distribution, resulting in consistently good cooking results. For everyday use on all stovetops, they all come standard. Each set comes with a 1.5-quart saucepan, a 2-quart saucepan, an 8-inch skillet, a 10-inch skillet, a 3-quart saut√© pan, and a 6-quart Dutch oven.

Nonstick coatings and induction-compatible discs make it easier to remove food and clean cookware. Because of the ceramic non-stick inside, you can cook with less oil and butter while still having an easy time cleaning up. With the clear glass cover of Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware and Dinnerware, you can see how your food is cooking while keeping the heat and moisture from escaping. Measurement indicators on saucepans and Dutch ovens make it easy to add or reduce ingredients.

Enameled Cast Iron & Pre-Seasoned Cast Irons

Solid side handles on each of these pots and pans provide a secure hold even when fully filled. They’re compose of cast iron, which retains heat better and ensures consistent cooking. With the exception of induction, both may be used on any kind of stove. Each one has its own unique traits, such as:

Enameled Cast Iron

Cooking on the stovetop or oven and serving at the dinner table are a cinch with this piece’s vivid, gradient enamel exterior finish. Which is durable enough for regular use. The smooth, cream-colored inner enamel is easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel handle and the corresponding cast iron lid.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

Ready to use, this cast iron has been season. You can easily remove food off the pan because of its natural nonstick characteristics, which become better with use.

Selection Of Bakeware

Cookware from Bed Bath & Beyond is built to last and will never rust thanks to its durable construction and professional-grade construction. For a more authentic, at-home feel, consider baking in a range of shapes and sizes instead of just one typical baking dish. The nonstick inside option makes food release and cleaning a breeze.

Modern Dinnerware Collection

Today’s modern table may benefit from the inviting modern elegance of the Bed Bath And Beyond Cookware and Dinnerware Collection. In addition to serving utensils like salt and pepper shakers. A teapot and sugar bowl, the set comes with additional items like a creamer cup. In a variety of flavours including sea salt, pepper, toast and truffle.

Selected Kitchen Linens may be use every day

Prepare your meals in a clean and orderly setting.

Our Table Everyday Kitchen Linens

The 100% cotton dishcloths, potholders, and oven mitts. In addition to the 100% cotton kitchen towels, are great for keeping up with the mess and are highly absorbent.

Our Table Select Kitchen Linens

Large kitchen towels made of a cotton-polyester blend are ideal for wiping away messes. Cotton chambray oven mittens with terry inside and a silicone grip for ultimate comfort. Cotton and chambray aprons are available in the Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware and Bed Bath and Beyond Dinnerware collections for the home chef.

Table Linens

In addition to our assortment of dinnerware, Our Table offers a variety of stylish. Contemporary table linens that can improve any table setting for special occasions or everyday use. The Textured line of tablecloths, placemats, and napkins has a slight texture. Would look lovely on the table set with Bed Bath and Beyond Cookware or Bed Bath and Beyond Dinnerware.

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Kitchen and Dinnerware from Bed Bath & Beyond Contains everything you need to cook up a storm. Everything from measuring spoons and whisks to measuring cups and bowls with measurement markings is include in this comprehensive list of kitchen utensils.