Making Cardless Payments Through Internet Banking

Making Cardless Payments Through Internet Banking

Has it ever happened to you that you walked out of your home to the nearest ATM and then realized that you have left your debit card at home? Or walked into a shop only to realize that it’s not your debit card but some other similar-looking card that you carried with you while leaving home? Well, that happens to a few of us.

While earlier that meant that you would need to go all the way back home to get your debit card if you wanted to carry out any kinds of transactions, that’s not the case these days. 

Advancements in banking as has made lives easier, and making cardless payments using net banking and cardless EMI have become a reality now. This means, that even if you did forget to bring your debit card along, you could still continue to make transactions.

What is a Cardless Payment? 

A cardless payment is essentially a transaction that you carry out using without using your physical card at an ATM using the cardless transaction or withdrawal option. This lets you access your bank account to withdraw cash even if you don’t have your debit card with you at the time.

How to Enable Cardless Payments? 

There are 3 ways you can enable this facility:

  1. Visiting your Branch- You can visit your nearest bank branch, and fill up an application form to register for this facility.
  2. Online Application- A few banks may allow you to register for cardless transactions by generating a unique User ID and PIN online.
  3. Customer Care- The account holder may call the bank’s customer care and authorize them to activate net banking facilities on their account.

Carrying Out Cardless Transactions Using Net banking

Once your account is activated for net banking services, simply log in to your bank account using your User ID and PIN. After this, you are all set to use the cardless transaction facility. However, keep in mind that this only works with your debit card, and not with your credit card as funds are directly debited from your savings bank account.

Using Cardless Transactions  

You can carry out cardless transactions for both online and offline payments. Here’s how you can make that happen!

  1. Cardless Transactions for Online Shopping: Simply add the products that you want to buy and checkout. Choose the net banking option at the checkout page, you can also opt for cardless EMI or buy now pay later schemes at this point if you would like to opt for an EMI option. Once done, you will be automatically redirected to your bank’s secure page, and asked to enter your User ID and Password where you can see your account balance and the amount that needs to be paid to carry out the transaction. Now, all you need to do is approve the transaction, and the money will be directly debited from your account and credited to the merchant account completing the transaction.
  2. Cardless Transactions for Offline Shopping: You can also use this facility at merchant stores. Generally, POS devices these days can accept a variety of digital payment methods. Use your bank’s app or a UPI app that’s connected to your bank account to scan the QR code on the merchant device to initiate a transaction.

But, that’s not all. You can also use cardless payments to send money to your friends and family. You can do so by logging into your bank account and making a direct bank transfer using either IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS options available.

Cardless payments using net banking is one of the most convenient ways of transacting, especially if you forget to carry your debit card, or you want to make bigger transactions without paying in cash. 

It’s a handy feature offered by every bank these days, and you must take advantage of this feature to make your lives easier.

So, if you still haven’t activated the net banking facility on your account, now you have every reason to do so right away!

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