Makeup Guide: How To Shape Thin Eyebrows?

How To Shape Thin Eyebrows

Every aspect of your face is essential and should be kept neat. Eyebrows being one of them, requires constant care and a perfect shape. However, not everyone is born with naturally thick brows. Some have thin eyebrows, making it difficult to shape them. One wrong step and it can end up running your look. Eyebrows have the potential to make your face look sweet or angry. This is why it is essential to make the best of eye makeup products like eyebrow pencils, eyebrow definer, eye kajal, tweezers, etc. This makeup guide will help you shape thin eyebrows perfectly like a pro!

1. Gather the essentials

Many people these days prefer to trim their eyebrows at home because of time constraints. Keeping that in mind, the first step in shaping thin eyebrows is to gather the right tools. These include a pair of stainless steel tweezers, a small brow brush, and a pair of scissors. Apart from this, keep a cold compress or a chilled towel handy. 

2. Understand your natural shape

There are numerous eyebrow shapes you might try. Nevertheless, it is best for a person with thin brows to stick to the natural shape. This can be traced using the mapping technique with the nose as the marker. Use an eye brow pencil and place it just beside your nose, and where it falls is where your brow should start. To mark the arch, tilt the pencil outwards so that one end touches your nostrils and the other your iris. Lastly, shift the pencil to 45 degrees outwards while still touching your nostrils. This point marks the end of your natural eyebrows. Mark these three spots and connect them to understand your natural brow shape. 

3. Start plucking and trimming

Once you have traced the natural shape, it is time to start plucking the extras with the tweezers. It is critical to slow down during this stage as you might hurt yourself. Avoid overplucking, as you already have thin eyebrows. End this step by applying the cold compress on the brows to avoid redness and irritation.

4. Grab an eyebrow pencil

You have already created the shape outline using an eyebrow pencil in step 2. Take an eyebrow definer like the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Perfect Brow Definer BD-2 Natural Noir and draw short hair strokes. Blend well with a spoolie brush. This helps to create a thicker and more symmetrical illusion.

Pro Tip: Keep the strokes thicker on the inside and comparatively thinner at the end for a more natural look. 

5. Find the right shades

Another major thing to note while shaping thin eyebrows is to find the right shade. Make sure to go for a colour that matches your natural hair. Either go for brown or black to get natural-looking brows.

6. Take the help of eye makeup

There are times when we are running late but still need to perfect our eyebrows. A good trick here is to use an eye kajal and make thin strokes in the sparse areas. Once done, take a spoolie brush and go through your brows. This will help in blending the kajal with the eyebrow hair, making the eyebrows appear fuller. Although, brow definer would still be the better choice as it looks more natural.

7. Find a professional

Not everyone is a professional and is familiar with makeup dos and don’ts. As for people with thin brows, a single over-pluck can result in an unnatural mismatched look. It is best to check in with a professional and have regular threading appointments to maintain their shape.

To sum it all up,

Anyone can easily achieve fabulous eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and a few simple tricks. Follow the steps mentioned above and shape your eyebrows perfectly.

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