5 Times You Wish You Had Chosen Lyft Clone App

As an entrepreneur, you may have a number of things in mind related to your Lyft Clone app. Right? You may want to add several features, a bag full of values, and much more to your app. However, you might not be able to find the right kind of solution for it.

In this blog, let’s resolve all your problems at once. Here, we will discuss the taxi booking app that fulfills your top 5 “expectations” from the app. In the end, we will discover a white-labeling firm that offers the world’s most perfect Lyft-like on-demand taxi app. Let’s begin now!

I Want to Provide My Customers with the Convenience of Booking Taxi Rides Anytime, Anywhere

The best thing about purchasing Lyft-like taxi app is – you’d be able to provide on-demand solutions to the customers. The on-demand solution means that the customers can book a taxi ride using your app like Lyft anytime they want to. The taxi will pick them up from the location they add and drop them at the said destination. In short, you can book a taxi to “anywhere” in the city.

I Want to Offer Extremely Useful Features to My Customers

Every entrepreneur, including you, wants to provide your customers with extremely useful services with all due diligence. Now, if you purchase the clone app that offers the below-mentioned features in the list, then trust the word, you have found the perfect match for your business. Here are some useful features for your cloned taxi app:

  • Smart login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning for easy service booking.
  • Short and simple sign-up feature for quick registration.
  • Video calling option with the driver for better communication.
  • Start to end tracking in real-time by friends and family.
  • Blocking fraud drivers.
  • Instant notifications.


I Wish to Provide COVID-19 Safe Taxi Rides to All

The Lyft Clone app is best known for its COVID-related features. In today’s time, it is hard to find a sanitized and disinfected ride. However, with your app installed, the customers would no longer have to look for another taxi ride alternate because of these pre-integrated features:

  • Face mask verification of the cab driver.
  • Safety checklist that contains essential precautionary instructions for the customers and taxi drivers.
  • Ride cancellation if either customer or driver is found violating WHO-regulated COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Restricted passenger limit depending on the chosen vehicle type.
  • Safety rating and review section after the trip ends.

My Customers Should Feel Safe When Traveling Alone

Entrepreneurs are working hard to make their taxis safe for the rider, especially the women riders. An app like Lyft ensures that all your passengers feel and remain safe when traveling alone. Therefore, the online taxi booking app offers:

  • Gender-based preference to choose a taxi driver. Here, women riders can choose female drivers. On the other hand, female drivers will be allotted to women riders only!
  • The SOS button is present on the app screen. Customers and even drivers can press this button to send “HELP” messages to 5 emergency contacts, a nearby police station, and the app admin in case they feel threatened.

The App Should Provide Me with Valuable Business Insights

An app like Lyft must enable you to access advanced reports and analysis of the business. Therefore, ensure that the solution you purchase includes advanced reports and analysis of the business features in the admin dashboard.

Using the advanced-level insights of this report, you’d be able to:

  • See the activities happening on the app.
  • Learn how much you are earning.
  • Which is the most profitable service?
  • Whether to increase commission or marketing effort?

In brief, with the insights, you will come to know what is happening in the business and what can you do to improve it further.


In conclusion, the Lyft Clone App is the future of the taxi business. Thus, you should take the right steps today and kick-start the taxi booking app development as soon as possible. Good opportunities don’t come back. So, take the chance and do what’s best for your business.

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