London Blue Topaz: The Royal Bluestone

What makes London Blue Topaz Jewelry standout the regular topaz jewelry is its exclusive and eye-captivating darker, definitive shade of blue that makes everyone fall for its beauty. Out of all the blue gemstones available in the market, London Blue Topaz tends to be the most brilliant in terms of appearance as well the hardest too. 

The Natural occurring blue topaz will be usually colourless. In case of London Blue Topaz, it is treated with radiation that lends it that royal and exquisite sheen of darker bluish. The December Birthstone since its inception is an epitome of clarity, a stable emotional health, honesty and hope. Let’s delve deep to know more about the London Blue Topaz: The Royal Bluestone

The Physical Attributes of London Blue Topaz

    1. Its Glorifying Colour Range

The London blue topaz comes in a myriad of colour ranges. However the most eye-soothing is its darker shade of bluish hue which lends it a steel-like inky appearance. Some stones would be having a slight additional shade of grey, complimented with a light greenish hue. The appearance of these additional hues is also influenced by the positioning of light and sun.


London blue topaz with a comparatively lighter hue is known as Sky Blue Topaz, whereas the ones with a darker hue is Swiss Blue Topaz. In case of blue topaz jewelry, as the bluish shade goes more up on the saturation scale, it commands an even higher value. That’s why London Blue Topaz is prised as the most valuable and best-quality blue topaz jewelry in the entire wholesale gemstone jewelry market.


Size Availability of London Blue Topaz


The average size of London blue topaz revolves somewhere between 0.11 to 9.82 carats. However, the largest ever London Blue Topaz has a total weight of 9,381 carats. The good news is that finding a large, good quality London blue topaz is not that much tedious. Furthermore, how you are going to use that piece of jewelry also influence the definition of size.


For instance, if you are looking for a glittering and charming London blue topaz ring, then a minute stone would suffice the requirement. Similarly, if you want to adore yourself with an elegant piece of London blue topaz pendant, then the stone size and weight could be slightly more.


Which Is The Best Shape For London Blue Topaz?

Alike all other gemstones in the market, London blue topaz is also easily mouldable and customizable. Cabochons tends to be the most preferrable type of gem cut. It can be into multiple shapes like oval, rectangular, circular or even heart-shaped. However, only smooth London blue topaz can have cabochons cut. The ones with a rough surface and heavy inclusions.

Step cuts, emerald cuts, brilliant cuts, and round cuts are some of the most common cuts found on a London blue topaz. Because the facets run parallel to each other, the step cut is one of the most popular cuts used on a London blue topaz. This allows light to be reflected and the gem to shine as brightly as possible. The only disadvantage of the step cut is that it is more difficult to conceal inclusions because it is intended to highlight the clarity of a gemstone

The Hardness Level of London Blue Topaz

With an harness score of 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, London blue topaz comes with an ever-lasting durability. This pro-factor makes it quite convenient to wore as an everyday gemstone jewelry. The only flip side is its cleavage that is as tender as a tiny glass crystal. When bang against any hard surface, it might suffer breakage and damage.

The Usage of London Blue Topaz Jewelry

In the gemstone jewelry market, London blue topaz is extensively used for making bracelets, pendant, necklaces as well as rings and earrings. However, its timeless elegance and beauty makes it one of the best gemstones for rings. In addition to it, its unique darkish blue sheen go out in the most adorable way when paired with white gold and diamond.

Adored universally as the 4th Anniversary gemstone, you can gift your spouse with a beautiful and vibrant London Blue Topaz ring to articulate your love and affection for her.

The Reflective Clarity of London Blue Topaz

Alike precious, high-quality diamonds, London blue topaz jewelry also comes with inclusions that are quite clear, and adds up to the overall aesthetics of the gemstone. It means that these inclusions are so much transparent and subtle that they won’t be visible to the naked eyes.

And these inclusions would be more in the rough London blue topaz. 

The clarity and size of London blue topaz can affect its value. The value, on the other hand, is determined by the colours and the intensity of the hues. Even if they have some inclusions, the rare pinks and blues will receive the highest values.

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