List of Top Fashion Designers in Pakistan

Fashion Designers

When the world is going crazy about fashion and style. Pakistan isn’t staying behind. Fashion is a representation of someone’s mind. A person’s fashion is basically a representation of a person’s way of thinking and lifestyle. There are a lot of faces we see that help enhance the fashion sense of a person by giving their expertise. These people create fashion for people to look more classy and slay at every event. Many of these faces are mentioned in Pakistani fashion blogs  for creating an up-to-the-mark fashion. 

Hassan Shahryar Yassin also known as HSY is among top fashion designers in Pakistan as per many fashion blogs. This man has been working in industry since 1994 and has achieved the level of best designer in the fashion industry. His designs are admired so much that he is even regarded as a king in the fashion industry. Expertise of  HSY lies mainly in Bridal dresses however, his jewelry line has gained a lot of recognition in South Asia. His designs are not only recognized in Pakistan but have gained quite popularity around the globe. The designer hasn’t stopped yet and is also running a show named Tonight with HSY that is only adding to his popularity. Many people have their blind trust on HSY and consider him a fashion icon. Even celebrities are always running towards him to get the best fashion advice and perfect designs. 

Another big name in the fashion industry is Asim Jofa who, if not more than HSY, is equally renowned among people. The designer started his career with a diamond boutique that was highly exclusive. After the success of the diamond boutique, the designer launched his very own bridal collection which was also liked by many. The designer has multiple items under his names such as bridal, summer, winter and party wear. Asim Jofa is also known outside the country and as per many fashion blogs he’s been awarded by International Asian Fashion. This award was a turning event for his career as now his prets are loved in countries like London, Canada, US etc. 

Another designer that is well known in not only the fashion industry but Hindu community of Pakistan is Deepak Perwani. As stated in many  fashion blogs, his designs are another name of elegance and decency. The fame of this designer is not only because of his elegant designs but his acting skills too. The renowned designer started his career by bringing luxury designs in dresses however, after its fame he also tested in bridal wear. The bridal wear of Deepak Perwani is a huge success not only in Pakistan but outside the country. His presence in national and international fashion shows is highly regarded. 

Maria. B is also quite a known name in the world of fashion and design. Her unique designs are top trending these days and are admired by many people. Her main focus is not only on luxury or bridal wear but also designing simple lawn dresses that attract many women. Her lawn collection is loved by many as it is easy to carry in day to day life. Moreover the prints aren’t too harsh or bold to wear and have a decent amount of elegance in them. The designs also follow latest fashion trends with great quality thus many people put their trust in Maria B. Along with her bridal wear, people also admire casual wear of Maria B’s collection. 

World of fashion is quite vast and many people are following trends to stay up to date. These trends are not only created by many fashion designers but some are even set by these designers. The hard work of day and night is a reason why these designers are now admired by many and juniors pray to be as big as them. Many Pakistani Fashion Blogs keep a close eye to what’s happening in the world of fashion and how these designers are working to stay best. These blogs also allow you to submit guest posts in their blogs to openly share your views and information. This can be a great way to share your personal views on famous blogs to have a recognition and gather a decent audience to read your work.

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