Link Building Services: 5 Benefits For Business Growth

Nowadays, having a beautiful and user-friendly website isn’t enough. You can’t expect a few users to appreciate your content — not to mention that fewer users mean fewer prospects. Search engine optimization won’t always be enough to rank your website high on Google. Getting higher in the rankings requires an extra push for some search terms because there is a lot of competition.  

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You can solve this problem by ranking your website high in specific search engine results. It is here that link building comes into play. But with 41% of companies considering link building one of their biggest challenges, it’s wise to get help. If you’re considering getting link-building services, it’s a good idea to know why it’s worth the money. So, the following sections of this post will determine five significant advantages of using a link-building service for business growth. Let’s dive in.  

1. Provides High-Quality Backlinks

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Your website’s backlink quality can make or break it. And 65% of marketers believe domain authority is crucial when considering backlink quality. When determining search engine rankings, Google seriously considers the quality factor. An authority DR70 or DR90+ webpage will provide a much higher ranking than a DR2 or DR3 site. It is easy to get dozens of spammy, low-quality links. However, this is not the case with DR70+ websites. For companies to build quality links, they need to have a strategic link-building strategy. 

Keeping in mind that low-quality backlinks can be detrimental to your site is also crucial. Moreover, if Google detects you used shady practices to get spammy links and increase your website’s ranking, they may block you. Choosing professional link building for agencies can help you gain top-quality backlinks, leading Google to view you as credible and authoritative. 

2. Boost in Referral Traffic

Building links isn’t just about getting higher rankings and keyword positioning on search engines to get more direct traffic from search engines. Your website can also receive high-quality referral traffic indirectly from an excellent link-building campaign. It happens when readers click on a blog post or article hyperlink and land on another site.  

The top advantage of referral traffic from link building is that these visitors are interested in reading the content on your website. There’s more to click on a link than just clicking on it. When users click on a backlink, they have a compelling reason to do so. Thus, a good backlink from a quality website can increase the visibility of your content without you competing directly in the SERPs. 

3. More Referral Traffic Brings Increased Potential Customers

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It’s a simple logic here. More visitors to your website means more raw sales  — even if your conversion rate stays relatively the same. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your traffic from search results and referrals is relevant to your business. In this context, analysis and strategy are crucial. For your website to get the right traffic, you need to know what keywords (search queries) to target.  

It is equally vital for websites agreeing to work with you to have a similar target audience to your own. Take, for example, the sale of children’s toys. It would be ideal for negotiating a guest post with a mommy blog – people visiting your site from there are more likely to become your customers. However, achieving the same results with a blog about YouTube marketing would be challenging. 

4. Enhances Customer Satisfaction

If you don’t have dedicated link-building services, processes, and systems, you’ll have to wait months or years before you can assist your clients in achieving the results that white label link-building agencies provide. 

Since you aren’t an expert in link building, you have two options: 

  • Don’t provide white hat link-building services — Although it’s an excellent decision not to offer services you’re not confident about, it could stop you from closing more businesses and winning more contracts. The reason is that many companies are looking for link-building services. 
  • Disappoint your customers — Your clients or customers will be disappointed if you don’t have link-building expertise yet are still offering the service. You can never keep them on retainer if you disappoint them. While doing so, you’d also have to focus on customer acquisition. However, this isn’t the best option recommended. 

But, there is also a third option.  

When you outsource link-building operations of your clients to a white label link-building agency, you can conquer authoritative links on behalf of your clients. Because white label link-building agencies have their processes, systems, and professionals, you’ll be able to assist them in achieving significant results promptly, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. In the process, you’ll gain trust. As a result, you’ll see your existing clients continue to work with you and also recommend your services to their networks. 

5. Enhances Your Brand’s Growth 

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Because of your high-quality link-building services in conjunction with other in-house digital marketing and SEO services, you will help clients achieve significant results. It will result in happier clients and increased customer satisfaction.  

The more you help your clients achieve results, the more likely they will leave 5-star reviews and spread the word about your agency – ultimately increasing brand awareness and growth. 


A team that provides link-building services is a crucial part of any content strategy and marketing campaign. Fortunately, many companies in the world offer these services. Research can help you understand how hiring a company can benefit your business.