Leatherman surge – complete description and benefits

Do you want a single tool that has multitasking capacity? Tools with 2-in-1 functionality are very common. Yes, the Leatherman surge is such a multipurpose tool that you can use it as a mechanical problem-solving tool or as a survival tool. It is sturdy and durable, and it always has strong functionality, including well-integrated locking features.

Leatherman surge is such kind of tool that one must have in their home because it is very easy to use and most of the minute problems that a householder generally faces in our daily life can be solved by it without hiring a mechanic.

A detailed overview of the product:

Leatherman surge
Leatherman surge

The invention of this multi-tool deserves to give a little bit of information about its creation. Leatherman surge that first design and found by Tim Leatherman.  So that’s why the name is given after him. It was launched in the year of 1983 under a different name called ‘pocket survival tool’. It has multiple functions including cleaning wounds and is also used for cutting bandages. Apart from that, emergency usage includes pulling out splinters or any kind of porcupine quills that might have wounded any human or animal.

  • This surge is almost 11.5 inches long when it is closed. So you can imagine how handy it is.
  • Its weight is around 335g which is a very less amount of weight that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The tools included:

This revolutionary surge includes 21 different useful tools in it. That’s what makes Leatherman surge so popular and demanded. Let’s know what the various tools are.

  1. Regular pliers
  2. Needlenose pliers
  3. Premium replaceable wire cutters
  4. Premium replaceable hard-ware cutters
  5. Stranded-wire cutters
  6. Wire stripper
  7. Electrical crimper
  8. Saw
  9. 420HC knife
  10. 420HC serrated knife
  11. Spring action scissors
  12. Large bit driver
  13. Large screwdriver
  14. Small screwdriver
  15. Awl w/thread loop
  16. 19cm ruler
  17. Bottle opener
  18. Can opener
  19. Diamond coated file
  20. Wood/metal file
  21. Blade exchanger

Benefits of having a Leatherman surge:

This multipurpose tool has so many benefits. Those are as follows-

  1. Easy outside accessible tools: The best thing with Leatherman surge is some tools are accessible without opening them like the blades and the scissor. The blade can be opened easily, and you don’t have to open the entire two-forded surge for it.
  1. Different and replaceable wire cutters: The Leatherman surge have so many different wire cutters in it like hard-ware cutters and premium ware cutters. You can open and replace the cutters too with a new one if the old one becomes out of work. The blades of high quality, and not get affecte by rust or any type of corrosion.
  1. Wide range of inside tools: In the inside of the surge there is a wide range of tools. This is nearly unbelievable that the small surge has so many tools when you open its two folds.
  1. All tools are locked together: One of the interesting things is that you get all the tools locked together and folded. So, there is no risk of losing any one of them.
  1. Independent use of files: The files can be used independently of the surge which makes it easier while working.
  1. Easy for one-handed use: The ultimate benefit of this surge is it can be used with just one hand. It is so small in size and easy to operate. If you are suffering from an arm or hand injury, then you can easily use this tool for several emergency works.


So, this amazing tool named Leatherman surge is a great thing that you can have for mechanical purposes as well as any kind of immediate need as a surviving tool.