Learn How to Write an Essay in MLA Referencing Style with Examples


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young student who was embarking on a journey to write an essay. As she sat down to begin her work, she realized that she had heard whispers of a magical tool that would help her on her quest. This tool was MLA referencing style. The student knew that if she could master this tool like an expert of essay writing service, it would help her to write a powerful and convincing essay that would impress her professor and earn her a high grade.

But, she soon realized that the MLA referencing style was not as simple as she had hoped. She had to learn the proper way to cite her sources and format her essay. It was a daunting task, but she knew that if she could master it, it would be worth it in the end.

As she delved deeper into her research, the student learned that the MLA referencing style was essential for demonstrating academic integrity and supporting her arguments with credible sources. It also helped her to effectively organize and format her essay, making it more professional and polished.

And so, she worked hard and learned the ins and outs of MLA referencing style. She used it to write a compelling essay that impressed her professor and earned her a high grade. She had completed her journey and had proven herself to be a true academic warrior.

From that day on, she remembered the importance of MLA referencing style and used it in her future essays, ensuring that she would always be able to write powerful and convincing content that would impress her professors and earn her high grades.

What Is MLA Referencing Style?

One of the most traditional referencing systems in use today is MLA. It first appeared in the 1800s. There have been eight variations of it since then. Each one improved it and made it simpler to understand. Adjusting to the evolving demands of the expanding global population was done.

MLA demands parenthetical citations, so the information must be present in the text itself, whenever a quote or phrase from another author appears.

Additionally, it is crucial to include a word-for-word list of all information cited in the text in the works cited section. An MLA-style referencing manual is given below for your students to read. It is the basic framework, and once you’re done with it, applying this referencing style to your assignments will be a breeze.

Explaining MLA Referencing with Examples

The MLA (Modern Language Association) referencing style is commonly used in the humanities, such as literature and languages. Here is an example formed by assignment help experts on how to write an essay in MLA style:

  • Set up your document with a standard 12-point font, such as Times New Roman, and double-spaced lines.
  • Include a header with your last name and page number in the upper right corner of each page.
  • Create a works cited page at the end of your essay, listing all sources used in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.
  • Use in-text citations to indicate the sources used within your essay. For example, if you are quoting from a book by John Smith, you would include the author’s last name and the page number in parentheses at the end of the quote, like this: (Smith 23).
  • On the works cited page, list each source in the following format: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of the source.

Example 1

Smith, John. The History of the World. New York: Random House, 2010.

If you are citing a website, including the date of access as well.

Example 2

Smith, John. “The Importance of Water.” Water.gov. National Water Commission, 20 June 2020. Web. 15 Sept. 2020.

Be sure to follow the format for the specific type of source you are citing (book, article, website, etc.) and consult the MLA Handbook for further guidance.

That is the general layout of an MLA referencing style essay. Remember that it’s always recommended to check your institution’s guidelines as they might have specific requirements. Now you must also understand the core components of MLA style and what section comes after what.

Core Components of MLA Referencing Style

The MLA Referencing Style has fixed elements that must be included in the citation to be accepted, just like any other referencing format. Here is a list of these fundamental components:

  1. Author’s Name
  2. Source Title
  3. Title of Container
  4. Contributor
  5. Version
  6. Numbers
  7. Publisher
  8. Publication Date
  9. Location

These elements are all crucial and should only be included in the order mentioned above.

The experts have provided extensive knowledge on why the MLA referencing style is so vital in any document in the next section of this post. It is the most fundamental question that students ask.

Importance of Understanding MLA Referencing Style Before Writing

There are several reasons why it is vital to understand MLA referencing style before drafting an essay:

  • Properly citing sources demonstrates academic integrity. Using someone else’s work without giving them credit is considered plagiarism, which can result in consequences such as a failing grade or expulsion from school.
  • MLA referencing style allows readers to easily locate the sources used in your essay, allowing them to verify the information you have presented and explore the topic further.
  • The proper citation also helps to support your arguments and research by providing evidence from credible sources.
  • Understanding MLA referencing style helps you to effectively organize and format your essay, making it more professional and polished.
  • Adhering to the MLA referencing style also shows that you have a good understanding of academic conventions and are familiar with the expectations of academic writing.


Finally, many institutions have specific guidelines for citing sources, so understanding MLA referencing style will ensure that your essay meets the demands of your school and the objectives of your teacher.

In short, understanding MLA referencing style is important because it helps you to demonstrate academic integrity, support your arguments, and improve the overall quality of your essay.

Students are already under a lot of pressure when they sit down to write their academic papers, so they frequently look for ways to improve them to get better grades. Learning the various referencing styles is one easy way to accomplish this.

If you want to raise your grade level, you might be wondering “How to use MLA referencing style?” The simple answer is that professors love it and it gives your document a polished appearance. Everything that students should read has been covered in this post. And even after that, feel free to contact the professionals at the top essay writing service UK, with any questions you have about the MLA referencing style.