Kiwi Foods – Your Perfect Binge Watch Partner

What do you like to do on the weekends? A quick route to a local location, a trip to the mall, or perhaps spending time by yourself at home watching your favorite film? Binge eating always seems to be mentioned in conjunction with binge-watching favorite programmes on well-known OTT platforms. As consumers, you are gleefully consuming the countless variety of delectable snacks that Kiwi Foods, the leading snack manufacturer in India, continues to roll out, especially on weekends.

As much as we love watching the newest movies and television shows nonstop, no binge-watching retreat would be complete without delectable, quick snacks. Everybody has a distinct favorite type of snack: hot, sour, sweet, or salty. The snacks from Kiwi Foods to binge eat while watching your favorite movie or television show have been compiled so you can pick an easy snack for your upcoming binge-viewing session.

In India and throughout the world, potato chips are one of the most popular snacks. These thinly sliced, crisp, fried, and flavored snacks are suitable for eating everywhere, including movie theaters, picnic areas, while binge-watching television shows with pals, or when you have a late-night urge for junk food.

Once you’ve had the chips from Kiwi Foods, a chips manufacturer in India, you won’t be able to stop begging for more. One of the most well-known and popular potato chip brands in north India is Kiwi Foods. It offers a variety of delicious chip varieties, including tangy tomato, American style cream and onion, Indian masala, plain salted, and classic salted. In addition, they are frequently referred to and called by the color of their packets, such as Yellow chips, Blue chips, and Green chips.

You may find the price list for Kiwi Foods chips quickly by going to your local grocery shop. They are packaged in packets of 5 and 10 rupees.

  • Fun Pop

Kiwi Foods’ Fun Pop is another well-liked and delicious snack to enjoy while binge-watching. These are rice puffs with a slight tangy flavor. These come in packets of 1, 5, and 10 rupees each. Your taste buds will compel you to have another puff as soon as you finish the first. You can buy flavored Fun Pops at Kiwi Foods, including Tangy Masala, Pudina Masala, Fun Pop Mast Masala, and Chilly Tomato. Most foodies prefer the recently released fun pops in the flavors of pasta and chow mein. So, remember to add these two tastes to your list of binge-watching snacks.

  • Tana Tan

The better and new version of  Tana Tan. This snack from Kiwi Foods, leading snack manufacturer in India  offers you the taste of rice in addition to coming in two incredible flavors – Masala and tangy tomato. Including this on your list of munchies will make your binge-watching pastime much more enjoyable.

  • Candies

No of the storyline, adding sweets is the one thing that can make any movie even sweeter! Whether you’re watching the newest critically acclaimed series on Netflix at home or hiding behind a big hat in the cinema. Any “blockbuster” is usually more fun or bearable if you have a pocket full of your favorite candy! Sometimes the candy is the one who deserves to play the lead. Any movie will always be remembered for the candy! From Kiwi Foods Candy manufacturer in India,  you may choose from a variety of candies. Pop Fizz, Bomb Blast, Lollipop, Mango Tango, Love Candy, and many more are among its namesakes.


As a result, whether you are at home or preparing for a trip, Kiwi Foods, a snack manufacturer in India always has great and delectable snacks to sate your demands. It’s quick, simple, and handy to order your favorite snacks from Kiwi Foods. So that you never run out of options for late-night binge-watch parties, keep them piled.

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