Kiswa – The Most Precious Holy Cloth in Islam


Kaaba is the most valuable asset for Muslims as it is the center of Masjid Al-Haram. Muslims are obligated to bow before Khana Kaaba and offer their prayers five times a day. The magnificent covering that is placed on the Khana Kaaba is known as Kiswa. It is also the most precious and worthy cloth that has its own unique importance. According to Islamic traditions, the Kiswa is changed every year and the new cloth is placed to cover the Khana Kaaba. This deed is done in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is Dhul Hajj. This religious and sacred act is considered significant in Islam as it resembles the faith of Muslims and their dedication.

Specifications of Kiswa

The Kiswa has some specific features. This precious cloth is made of silk and the verses of the Holy Quran are engraved on the cloth with the help of gold and silver threads. The specific dimension of Kiswa is also set according to the dimension of Khana Kaaba. The sacred cloth is manufactured for about 658 square meters in length. It is reported that about 137 workers are required to make this magnificent cloth piece with about 8 months of hard work. The Kiswa looks attractive with the use of beautiful and creative embroidery that increases the worth of cloth to an elevated level. The verses of Holy Qua look much more appealing and glorious as well. According to different researches, it is shown that the Kiswa weighs about 670 kg and approximately 15 kg of threads are used in the whole design of the precious cloth.

Replacement of Old Kiswa

In ancient times, the old Kiswa was not removed but the new one was placed on the previous one every year. This tradition is changed now and the old Kiswa is removed after the new one is placed on the Khana Kaaba. The previous one is then cut short into pieces and provided to the organizations or different visiting Muslim celebrities as a gift. According to different researchers, it is reported that the color of Kiswa changed in ancient times. In the reign of the Holy Prophet, the color of Kiswa was white and now it has been changed to black with gold and silver threads used to make it look more precious and superior than other clothes.

Relevance of Kiswa and Hajj

Kiswa is changed every year in the month of Dhul Hajj when Muslims from all over the world are gathered in Khana Kaaba to execute the rituals of Hajj and seek the forgiveness of Allah Almighty. Muslims take the help of Hajj packages with flights to perform their religious obligation. Every year the Kiswa is changed to fulfill the tradition in Islam and to show some love and affection to Khana Kaaba.

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