It’s time to embrace these top eCommerce portal development trends

We are living in an era where everyone is surrounded by gadgets and equipment that makes our life easier, more convenient, and more productive. Whether it is about garnering information while on the go, buying a specific product, or sending a couple of emails, all these things are always just a few clicks away. 

By the end of 2024, more than 20% of the retail sales will start coming from eCommerce only and by then, it will become a $1 trillion market. With the growth of eCommerce in almost every country, its presence has become ubiquitous all over the world. This lucrative growth and a safe future have inspired many people to invest in eCommerce. 

However, developing an eCommerce website and making it thrive is not as easy as it sounds as the competition is high and there are many things to cover. Above all, you should have the most seamless, high-speed, engaging, and market-ready website. And when it comes to website development, you can never overlook the trends. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 eCommerce trends that you must keep tabs on to build the best eCommerce website the world has ever seen. 

Voice search 

The one thing that you can never turn your eye upon during website development is voice search. Ever since the advent of smart speakers like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, the number of voice searches are witnessing a spike on the internet. 

Since voice search has made it easy for people to search for whatever they want on the internet, there is no surprise why 71% of consumers prefer to conduct queries about a product through voice search. 

Voice search has become a popular trend and it will remain so in 2023 as well. Nowadays, many eCommerce platforms have started to offer voice user interface solution that allows users to search for products through voice commands and your e-commerce portal developer must keep this in mind. 


Unsatisfactory user experience and dull speed are acting as Achille’s heel for eCommerce websites. This is why eCommerce owners are looking for ways to improve the user experience while offering a decent speed. On a more specific note, eCommerce owners are looking for a solution that offers an exceptional experience on every device. 

Only PWA is proving to be the answer to this need as it offers a wide array of advantages over a traditional eCommerce website. A Progressive web app offers an app-like interface and at the same time, it offers features that imitate desktop or mobile applications. 

This might be the reason why even an e-commerce portal developer loves to work on PWA projects. However, there is nothing complicated about PWA since it is just a website running inside of a dedicated browser. 

Omnichannel selling 

If you have ever worked with a website development company that even offers business automation services then you must have omnichannel selling as it is another trend that web development companies can’t afford to overlook. 

With omnichannel selling, you can reach every customer touchpoint and that might act as a strategic advantage in a market with neck-wrenching competition. Companies can sell through different channels, allowing them to handle customers across different devices and platforms like social media platforms, PWAs, websites, and much more. 

But to make the most of this omni channel selling, you first need to choose the best web development company that even offers business automation services. A web development company keeps tabs on the pulse of web development and therefore, they know how to incorporate new trends in their projects. 

Social commerce 

Apart from marketing automation integration, high speed, seamless navigation, and easy checkout, you need to embrace social commerce to reach new heights of success. Keep in mind, social media is no longer a platform limited to interaction and connection with people but if used wisely, it can turn out to be your best medium for making people buy your products as well. 

Nowadays, social media platforms show different ads related to services and products, and users can easily follow those ads to land on your e-commerce portal and buy the specific product or service. Social commerce can be integrated into your e-Commerce portal to target more customers and reach a wider audience base. 

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has turned out to be a revolutionary technology for eCommerce websites and it has become the top trend in bespoke website development. From product recommendations to predictive analysis, AI is being used in various ways by eCommerce website owners. 

Furthermore, AI is even being used for personalization and better customer service. With the help of AI integration into your eCommerce portal, you can know more about customers and put many aspects of your website on auto-pilot mode.