It’s Only Paint Thinner, Or Is It Door to Inhalant Addiction?

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The use of inhalants is rampant among adolescents and children. This is because inhalants are easily available. You can find them in the house. You can buy them from the store. They are legal. 

Inhalants are nothing but common household and industrial chemicals that we use every day. They could be cleaning solutions, paint thinners, nail polish removers, spray paints, glues, adhesives, and others. 

Many of these items might be in your house too. 

Arkansas drug rehab center gets a large number of inhalant addicts. Some of them enter in a highly inebriated state, while some may have just begun to inhale those chemicals and wish to get off them. 

The unknown addiction 

Most of the time, an inhalant addict does not know he or she is an addict. They love to sniff the vapors or inhale the gas, but they do not understand the dangers associated with it. 

They don’t realize that their “love” for inhaling the chemicals is actually an addiction. They want to inhale again and again. 

The ease of getting an inhalant and then look what happens! 

Parents usually ask their kids to run errands. They may give them a list of things to buy from the store. A few of them may contain items that have the potential to become inhalants. These items are perfectly legal. Nobody can stop a kid from buying them. These chemicals are manufactured for a specific purpose. They aren’t created to be abused. 

For example, paint thinners are created to thin out the paint. This is their real purpose. However, some people find the aroma of thinners titillating. They love to inhale the fumes that come out of the chemical. 

In fact, the family may not regard inhaling the fumes as anything bad! They believe it’s a harmless act; their child is simply sniffing the smell. 

However, the chemical bonds with the brain receptors associated with reward and pleasure. So, you get a kind of pleasure in inhaling the chemical. Now you want to do it again. 

Your brain becomes dependent on the chemical to release the “happy hormones.” This is when things start to get bad. 

If you or somebody you know has got into this bad habit of inhaling chemicals and can’t seem to stop, you must immediately call the addiction hotline. Yes, this is an addiction! 

But do not panic. It is possible to go off an inhalant through a proper therapy program. 

The role of rehab centers in the life of inhalant addicts

Rehab centers play a significant role in an inhalant addict’s life. The specialists help the person go off the chemical in a slow and sure manner. They do not stop cold turkey (all of a sudden) lest it may produce unpleasant side effects. The rehab team has its own techniques to administer inhalant treatment to an individual. 

Most rehab centers have a team of doctors and psychologists who work on all aspects of an addict’s health to help him or she come out clean and sober. 

So, if you or somebody you know is inhaling (chemical) a lot, search for rehab without delay.

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