It’s All About (The) YESTERDOG

You and your dog’s life are better off when you keep this one simple word in mind: YESTERDAY. For every question or issue you have, it is always easier to handle the day before it happens. By avoiding the urgency of a current problem, a misjudgment may not be as damaging to your relationships with people or your dog. Your decisions will involve time and thought, rather than impulse and excitement.

For example, if your dog is invited to the birthday party of a friend’s child, it would be wise to discuss the invitation with the parent before agreeing to go. The parent might want to cancel their annual Halloween costume party because of the birthday itself. By hearing this ahead of time, you and your dog may not have as much conflict on that day.

Planning a training presentation for an upcoming club meeting? It might be easier to plan for six or eight people instead of 50. This will allow you plenty of time to prepare. Having to “catch up” on revisions and presentations due in the next day might cause the instructor to panic, too. Be aware that some things – even “little things” – are not worth getting upset over. At times, it may be more important to NOT react than to react! This can help you avoid a host of worries about your dog’s behavior, your relationships with WPC2027 people and your life in general. The notion of “next week” has its place in the plan of things for many people. However, for a busy person (or a dog owner with a busy life), “next week” is often a misjudgment that results in chaos. You may be excited about the upcoming event, but you must remember to plan ahead by not making decisions too quickly.

Learn More About YESTERDOG.

YESTERDOG is a new way to love your dog! You will enjoy these and other thoughts about dogs and people. YESTERDOG will help you learn how to train your dog with a positive attitude. My new book shows you how! It’s called: “Yesterdag:

The Secret of YESTERDOG?

Spending time today with people who are like your dog is a healthy way to handle things that you may not have time for later. When you are with others who are “like” your dog, problems will not seem so overwhelming. Kindness to others is wonderful in this world and will make life more enjoyable. Remember, you and your dog have a more interesting life if you handle each day as “yesterday.” Believe me, I know! I have spent my entire life with dogs and people – and when I let things get out of control, it becomes chaotic. Be kind to yourself and others as much as you can. It will give you a great reason to live!

I promise that no matter how busy or hectic your life is, you can find time for leisure and reflection about the simple things in life. For example, if you have to drop off your dog to be groomed, take a few extra minutes to read a magazine or listen to some music. Have lunch at home if work is busy. Going to the pet store or visiting a friend with a dog that is similar to your own can be an exciting time – and make you smile! If you are scheduled for a training class, go early and spend some time with your dog. Walking around the neighborhood will give you extra time to get to know your dog. You might want to visit another “dog person’s” home. If it is okay with them, it will give you a chance to see how their dogs act in their home environment.

The Secret of Successful YESTERDOG?

When you have time to enjoy your dog, you are better able to handle issues that come up in life. When you have time to pet your dog, she will be happier and so will you – almost instantly! Imagine: your dog is happy, you are happier and life seems more fun. You will be able to handle any problem that comes your way so well that you will not be stressed. If a problem does arise, you will be better equipped to handle it. Your dog will help you imagine success each day, if you let her. The comfort of your dog’s love is fun and lasting.

You can always keep yesterday in mind! Is it possible? YES! It is all up to you and your dog. Dogs with owners who have time for them have happier lives than dogs with owners who do not have time for them. This is a fact! Don’t let today be tomorrow’s problem. Give yourself more time to consider certain decisions. The more time you give yourself, the less stress you will feel. This allows you to be in control of your life rather than out of control with the way things are going for you and your dog.

The Best Way To YESTERDOG.

Being busy or hectic doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable. Make each day a little less stressful by letting your dog help you remember “yesterday.” Have fun with your dog and your life, and you will be happier forever.

If you have time to pet, praise or reward your dog when she obeys behavior that pleases you, you will feel as if everybody in the world is a “YESTERDOG!”

The Secret of YESTERDOG is being kind to yourself and others. The more you join in with others who are friendly (including your dog), the more fun life will be. The more fun things can be for us all! Yes, happiness is being kind to yourself and others – then life is fun!

Yes, you and your dog can be happy together!

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