Is WPC composite fencing right for your garden?

Is WPC composite fencing right for your garden? It depends on what you need for your fence. Wood plastic composite fencing can perform multiple functions at the same time. This article has compiled some frequently asked questions related to WPC composite fencing for you to help you.

In addition to WPC composite fencing, you may also want to consider other WPC outdoor decorative items such as composite deck tiles and composite outdoor benches. They are both different-shaped panels made from a mixture of wood fiber and plastic for different applications.

Functions of WPC composite fencing

The key to determining whether a WPC composite fence is suitable for your yard is what kind of fence you need and what kind of effect you expect the fence to achieve.

  1. Privacy fence

Many people are troubled by the sight of passersby, so if you want an enclosed space to maintain privacy, then building a fence is practical. It is effective in blocking the line of sight at the same time can also enhance the protection of the house and family.

  1. Soundproof fence

Noise is everywhere in your life. Road noise from cars and pedestrians, mechanical noise, or neighbors’ voices may prompt you to take steps to reduce noise in your yard. Installing a fence is one of the effective ways. The wood plastic composite fence can achieve the function of sound absorption, of course, the higher the fence, the better the sound insulation effect.

  1. Windproof fence

If you live in an area with strong winds, frequent strong winds can disrupt the arrangement of your yard. You need to start organizing your yard after each high wind. Wood plastic composite fence panels are strong and wind tested and are widely used in windy areas. It is also waterproof and fireproof.

  1. Decorative fencing

Many people build fences for decorative garden needs. The wood plastic composite fence can meet the above functions and also has a good decorative effect.


Is the WPC fence weather resistant?

Compared with other wood decorative materials, WPC has stronger weather resistance. This is due to its material composition. WPC fences are less affected by environment and temperature fluctuations. Therefore the expansion and contraction will be lower then the wood fencing.

How to maintain the wood-plastic composite fence?

The wood plastic composite fence requires very low maintenance. There is no need to invest in maintenance costs later on. If you want your fence to always look like new, it is recommended that you have it cleaned once or twice a year. The low-maintenance nature of wood-plastic composite fencing can help you save on maintenance costs and give you more time to enjoy your life.

Is wood plastic composite fence corrosion resistant?

The plastic component in the wood-plastic composite fence makes it free from insects, while the waterproof surface can effectively prevent water and moisture, avoiding problems such as warping or rotting of the fence panels.

What are the places where the wood-plastic composite fence is applicable?

Wood plastic composite fence is suitable for many outdoor spaces, including gates, parks, villas, yards, gardens, swimming pools, farms, scenic areas, beach paths, or other outdoor spaces.

How strong is the WPC fence?

The quality of WPC depends on the strength and roughness of the materials used, etc. The strength of a WPC fence depends on the ratio of wood powder to plastic. More wood fibers mean stronger fence panels, and of course, this affects the price.


A wood-plastic composite fence is a kind of fence with multiple functions. It can better meet various needs. Among them, high durability and weather resistance, and low maintenance make it popular.

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