Is CompTIA Linux+ Worth It?

Component of the CompTIA Linux+ certification is knowledge of Linux, which is appropriate for intermediate-level IT workers. It verifies the abilities that a Linux systems administrator in their early career should have. It is designed for people who want to take on the responsibilities of a Linux administrator without having substantial expertise or previous certification. In the United States, Linux administrators make an annual median salary of $77,360.

However, being a Linux administrator is not the only employment type that makes use of Linux. Here are a few different employment positions that may benefit from CompTIA Linux+ certification, as well as their salaries:

  • Technical support expert (according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)): $52,270
  • Administrator of network systems: $83,510 (BLS)
  • $83,510 (for a systems administrator) (BLS)
  • Administrator of the website: $73,760 (BLS)
  • DevOps engineer’s salary is $103,232 dollars (Glassdoor)

The CompTIA Linux+ certification distinguishes itself from all other Linux certifications. Why? It is the only Linux certification that is job-focused and covers the most up-to-date Linux abilities that hiring managers are searching for. It is also the only Linux certification that is free.

The CompTIA Linux+ certification is independent of any one manufacturer. Thus, independent of the Linux distribution (distro) or tools that are used, it provides technicians with the knowledge they need to do a task efficiently and effectively IT professionals who have earned their CompTIA Linux+ certification are not restricted to a single Linux distribution.

This certification is best suited for IT professionals who have at least 12 months of experience with the management of a Linux server. It is advised that you get the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications before attempting the CompTIA Linux+ certification. CompTIA Linux+, on the other hand, does not have any recognized requirements.

CompTIA Linux+ isn’t only for those who wish to specialize in Linux; it’s also for everyone. It is intended for all information technology professionals. Linux is one of the top 17 IT talents expected to be in demand in 2021, according to Gartner. Making the transition to a CompTIA Linux+ certified professional can help you become a more competitive IT professional in general.

“Does CompTIA Linux+ have an expiration date?” you may be wondering. That is an excellent question. It is valid for three years and may be renewed by participating in continuing education courses by Sprintzeal.

Is it difficult to pass the CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam?

The CompTIA Linux+ certification test lasts 90 minutes and is administered online. It is required to get a passing score of 720 (on a scale of 100 to 900) and costs $338 USD to take the test. The test covers a broad range of subjects, including the following:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Kernel modules are programs that run in the kernel.
  • Storage and visualization are important.
  • Enterprise-wide device management is essential.
  • GIT and automation are two terms that come to mind.
  • Networking and firewalls are two terms that come to mind.
  • Server-side processing and command-line processing
  • Coverage depending on the server (as opposed to the client)
  • Troubleshooting
  • SELinux

Automation and scripting are two terms that are used to refer to the same thing.

Aside from hardware and system setup, the test covers system operation and maintenance as well as system operation and maintenance. A combination of multiple-choice and performance-based questions are included in the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam.

More than likely, you may experience some level of difficulties when taking the CompTIA Linux+ certification examination. The difficulty of the test for you will be determined by a number of variables.

If you have a great deal of expertise with the Linux operating system, you may find the test to be rather straightforward. If you have little or no experience with Linux and have just recently finished training, the certification test will most certainly be more difficult for you to pass.

Additionally, if you already have other CompTIA certifications, you may find the CompTIA Linux+ test to be less difficult. Taking CompTIA  A+, for example, will help you develop core abilities that will make studying for CompTIA Linux+ much simpler. The same may be true with the CompTIA Network+ certification.

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