Introducing Suzuki Scooters at an Astonishing Price

Commuting to work is one of the least fun aspects of the day because of the rush hour traffic and the irate drivers. There is no denying that travelling to and from work each day can be a real drag. Switching to a scooter will reduce your daily commute’s stress. Suzuki scooters are popular among daily commuters because these two-wheelers are durable and affordable. The starting price of a Suzuki scooter is Rs. 80,360. Access 125, Burgman Street 125, and Avenis 125 are Suzuki’s three newest models available in India. Burgman Street Electric and Access Electric are two of Suzuki’s future scooters. Burgman Street 125, which costs Rs. 92,662, is the most expensive Suzuki scooter. The majority of two-wheelers experience some performance loss when switching from BS4 to BS6 standards. But this is not true for Suzuki. The scooters actually produce the same amount of power as before. It is safe to assume that the Suzuki two-wheelers have one of the best suspension systems available.

You may easily save money by using a scooter instead of a car for your everyday commute. The cost of operating a scooter is far less than that of a car or bike. However, when buying a car, you need to be concerned about more than just the price. How economical a car or motorcycle is for daily usage will be greatly impacted by costs like insurance, MOT, and tax. Fortunately, using a scooter is just as inexpensive as purchasing one. Suzuki scooters are well-known for their performance and prices. Here are the best scooters from Suzuki at affordable prices:

  1. Suzuki Access 125- A number of improvements distinguish the 2020 Suzuki Access 125 from the outgoing model. To start, Suzuki has added a few more features to the new Access 125 that enhance the package’s overall value. The scooter includes a USB charging port, a voltage metre that shows battery life, and an external fuel refill cap. The Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster that was first presented in October 2020 is also included in the most recent version of the Access 125. The console links to the rider’s smartphone by using the Suzuki Ride Connect programme. It provides turn-by-turn directions, estimated arrival time updates, message notifications, missed call alerts, caller ID, phone battery level, and Overspeed warnings. The software allows owners to discuss their travel schedules and locate where they last parked. The new Access 125 offers increased comfort thanks to a longer seat, more under-seat room, and a larger floorboard. It maintains the same exterior design as the previous model, boasting flowing lines across its bodywork. More is available in five colour options such as Deep Blue, Matte Platinum Silver, Mirage White, Sparkle Black, and Matte Fibroin Grey. The Special Edition models, on the other hand, come in Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Matte Black, Metallic Matte Dark Greenish Blue, and Matte Bordeaux Red. The scooter’s look is otherwise unchanged.
  2. Suzuki Burgman Street 125- The Suzuki Burgman Street 125 altered how Indian consumers began to view scooters. Due to its usefulness and enormous scooter-like feeling, the maxi-scooter idea intrigued a lot of people. There are four colour options for the Burgman Street 125 such as red, grey, white, and black. The majority of the styling on the Burgman Street 125 comes from its larger sibling. This scooter has a reputation for having an angular style, and the wide body panels give it a luxurious, aspirational appearance. Additionally, the LED lighting, roomy floorboard and seat, and lovely flowing lines on the side contribute to its fairly attractive appearance. Fuel injection is a characteristic of the BS6-compliant motor that improves fuel efficiency and provides power more smoothly than the preceding carbureted variant. This Suzuki has a large under-seat storage area in addition to two closed and open cubby holes on the front apron.
  3. Suzuki Avenis 125- Suzuki launched the Avenis 125 in India, breaking into the 125cc sporty scooter market. Although it shares a platform with the Burgman Street 125 and the Access 125, it also has some distinctive features of its own. The scooter has a significantly more sporty and aggressive look. All of the body panels are precisely sculpted with sharp edges and shapes, and the selection of lively colours only adds to its youthful appeal. The scooter’s headlight and tail lighting are LEDs. However, the turn indicators use traditional bulbs. The fully computerised console has Bluetooth capability and provides turn-by-turn directions in addition to call and message alerts. It is even easier to live with, thanks to features like a USB charger, a side stand interlock, and an external fuel filler lid.

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