Internet Marketing: Back to basics

Internet marketing basically means marketing in an online world with the use of the internet and digital device. It is designed in such a way that any marketer can make use of this method to advertise their brand in the online world.  Also, there is no requirement of manpower and resources, it can be easily handled by one single individual who has knowledge about the internet and how to access any website.

After seeing its tremendous benefits many companies and organizations have moved there further planning towards internet marketing and left behind the old method which is traditional and yet a costlier one. 

Methods of Internet marketing 

As compared to the traditional marketing method where there is no option left with the marketers to publish there ad in newspapers and banners as they don’t have any other option except these two which are costly and are also very late in terms of response and feedback.

But on the other hand internet marketing which is also known as web marketing,  digital marketing and online marketing is comprised of numerous methods which can be used by any company and they work on your command to provide unbelievable benefits to them that they would not have thought of. 

Let’s discuss them

Search engine optimization 

Its work is to rank your website in various search engines like google and yahoo by optimizing it with keywords and phrases matching your business profile. So that it unable users to find you easily in search engines by just typing your name in it and the results display your website in top searches. SEO is of two types organic and paid you can use any method to promote brand. 

Email Marketing 

This is the most effective and efficient in terms of promoting brand worldwide. It is being used since traditional time and still exists due to its advance features.  It can make promotion of your brand by mailing bulk if customers about your promotion in just one click.

Social media marketing 

Usage of internet has increased the demand of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Earlier they were used to connect with family and friends but now it has upgraded itself and used by many companies to promote there brand on large scale. Here promotion is dined in the form of video, blog, images and live sessions.

Mobile Marketing 

We are in a digital age where mobile phones have become the lifeline of people. Brand promoted through this medium reach people instantly and interested customers also respond immediately towards the product liked by them. Here you can send message, multimedia text or develop your Business application to promote your brand. 

Pay Per click 

This is a paid promotion method where an investment is required to promote brand. It make your product banner and Pop-ups and advertise them on search engine by prompting in between every search made by user to catch there attention. 

All the methods mention above are cost effective and create visibility worldwide. This could increase more traffic in your website and provide more sale and profit to company.

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