Instagram Secret Features? (hidden gems)

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Link Social Network accounts for Automation

Look at yourself with your new Instagram account. All this original content is yours and you want it to be shared.

There are many great ways to share your content on Facebook and Twitter, as we have discussed in our Blog. We use Hootsuite for its scheduling feature.

Okay, now follow these simple steps: Tap the gear icon in the upper left hand corner of your profile. Scroll down to “Settings”, scroll down and tap “Linked Accounts”. You will be presented with options for Tumblr and Flickr, Swarm and Amebo.

Select the accounts that you wish to add, and then enter your credentials for each account.

These accounts will be available to you when you upload your next image.

This will automate the posting function, so your content can be automatically shared across all your social networks.

Hyperlapse App

This app was created by Instagram to create time-lapse videos.

This app uses Instagram’s in-house stabilization technology.

This App’s beauty is its ability to create time-lapse videos without having to use expensive tripods or bulky camera equipment.

Learn how to make yourself stand out and look like a professional.

You can download the file for free via iTunes by clicking on this link

Layout App

You thought you had to purchase an App in order to do this?

It’s not a cost-free feature on Instagram.

This app was created by Instagram to create unique photo layouts.

This is the process of combining your photos in a collage to make a more entertaining post.

You can upload up to 9 photos from your “Camera Roll”.

To find photos with people in them, you can use the tab “Faces”.

Show off your creativity with the Instagram filters or creative editing tools

You can download the file for free via iTunes by clicking on this link

Boomerang App

I’m sure you thought you had to spend a lot of money for an App like that – it’s free on Instagram.

You can create looping videos that are extremely entertaining.

This App is very easy to use because it only has one button.

Tap it to make a selfie video. It takes 10 photos at once and converts them into video.

Share it with your social networks once you’re done.

These are the 4 Best Instagram Features! These hidden gems are completely free and will keep your entertained for many days.


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Do you remember when YouTube was purchased by Google?

They knew that text would be replaced by images, and that images would become the new language of internet.

They were right! Videos are the most searched medium now, followed closely by images and written text.

It’s all set to happen again, confirming Google’s original vision about the ‘visual Revolution ‘.

The visionary this time is FaceBook, a social media site with a huge traffic, who recently paid one billion dollars for Instagram, a photo-sharing site.

History teaches us that a business spending this much money isn’t goingofy, as they don’t have a lot of sense of humor.

If we want to make serious online money, we must join the Instagram bandwagon. Just like the people who joined the YouTube bandwagon first had big success.

If that doesn’t convince you, let me tell you: Instagram has entire departments dedicated to creating, sourcing and posting a steady stream of tempting images to Instagram. They promote their products like gangbusters.

They would not be spending big on FaceBook or any other top-flight business if they weren’t making a profit.

However, as encouraging as it is… there’s still a problem

It’s one thing knowing that some of the world’s most successful brands COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA have already made huge profits by hiring highly skilled Instagram marketers and photographers.

However, if you have a small business online, you can’t afford that level of expertise.

How are you going to ever know what you have to do in order to be competitive?