In what ways can custom eyeliner boxes be put to use?

The cosmetics industry has developed synthetic eyeliner that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. To keep their quality intact, sturdy packaging is required. There are a number of benefits to using Custom Eyeliner Boxes for marketing purposes. Furthermore, custom eyeliner boxes are an efficient medium for advertising and promoting products. They’re a catchy approach to attracting customers’ focus and promoting recognition of your business. Furthermore, labels can provide vital information to customers, such as the product’s name, components, and guidelines for usage. As a result, SirePrinting offers sturdy packaging that not only safeguards goods but also promotes them and acts as a conduit between the business and its clientele.


Eyeliner are similar to real liner, so they require safeguards as well. Additionally, the necessity for protection is amplified because of their proximity to the eyes, which increases the risk of infection and other issues. This is why specialised packaging for eyeliner is so vital; it prevents damage from the elements and maintains product quality. To save money, though, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the box by choosing cheap materials. Purchases of low-quality custom eyeliner boxes reduce the likelihood of safety. Don’t stress if the cost of sturdy boxes is a burden; we can help. We have inexpensive, long-lasting boxes available now. Indeed, this trait aids us in establishing loyal clientele. Take a quick look at the variety of cosmetics packaging options we have available.


Corrugated Paper

Rigid Materials

Product of Cardboard

If a company wants packaging that will withstand shipping while yet being relatively easy on the environment, cardstock is the way to go. Though it’s made from the thickest paper possible, the finished product is surprisingly lightweight. Best of all, paper lends itself well to printing, making it ideal for promoting a brand through mass distribution. The thicknesses we offer, from 12pt to 14pt, are more than adequate for defence. To add even more substance, we have the option of pasting.

Fabrication Using Corrugated Material

People’s growing preference for online purchasing has led to a boom in the e-commerce industry. This is why there is a growing need for robust packaging. The reason for this is that the products need to be protected more thoroughly while in transportation. As a result, companies may think about using corrugated materials for custom eyeliner boxes. There are flutes in this packaging material, so your things will remain undamaged in transit. Consequently, a growing clientele is another benefit of keeping high standards. Flute options include the A, B, C, E, and f. The dimensions of each flute are unique. As a result, you can use any flute you like for the boxes. Manufacturing boxes might have a single flute or many flutes.

Kraft Product

These days, biodegradable materials are the first choice for most consumers. The existing state of the ecosystem, which will only worsen if not properly managed, is the main reason. This is why many companies prefer to ship liner in reusable containers. One more motivation to adopt biodegradable packaging is that consumers are more likely to support businesses that demonstrate environmental responsibility. That’s why we provide kraft boxes as an option. It’s the finest choice because it may be used more than once, safeguards goods, and showcases them beautifully. Our kraft paper comes in thicknesses between 14 and 22 points, making it ideal for storing and transporting goods.

Enhance the allure of your Eyeliner boxes by stocking them with optional extras.

Packaging for eyeliner should be high-end because they are considered a luxury item. That’s why companies need to put money into thinking outside the box. High-quality packaging is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that consumers are more likely to view things favourably if they are presented in attractive containers. So, high-quality custom eyeliner boxes can significantly increase earnings. Some of the extras we provide include:

Embossing, debossing, spot UV window patching, foiling, and foiling

Contrast between embossing and debossing

The printing and design on the box benefit greatly from embossing and debossing, resulting in packaging of undeniable quality. Embossed designs and text stand proud of the surface they’re printed on. Nonetheless, the pattern is concealed beneath the surface of the box when debossing is used. You can utilise either one, or both, at your discretion.

Localized ultraviolet radiation

The relevant portion of the box is underlined. Applying Pot UV on the logo box, for instance, would draw attention to it. So, it’s smart to feature the brand’s emblem prominently on the custom eyeliner boxes.

Repairing the Windows

In order to entice customers, window cuts are the finest option for custom eyeliner packaging. The reason for this is that there are many various lengths of Eyeliner extensions from which to choose. Customers can peek through the lash style with the help of window patching. This will allow them to pick the optimal option with ease. Consequently, it could improve the brand’s standing in the eyes of the target audience. A wide variety of window sizes and shapes are available from our company. You can find one that works for you based on the dimensions of the box and the contours of the product.


High-end products and services will always be desirable to consumers. This is why selling points like box foiling are so effective. Multiple colour foil options are available from us. Gold and silver foiling, however, are in high demand because of the luxurious appearance they lend to goods.

Options for individualised printing services BEING USED IN THE PACKING OF EYEliner

There is no shortage of cosmetics brands, making advertising all the more crucial. However, the most challenging responsibilities for any brand, and especially for newcomers, are marketing and brand advertisement. Have no fear. You can count on us to provide a solution, as we provide a method of brand marketing that is both cheap and efficient. Yes. Marketing and brand promotion are best accomplished with custom eyeliner packaging. The box already has plenty of space for the logo and other necessary information. Since we employ cutting-edge printing methods, we can guarantee excellent outcomes for your custom printing projects. You can learn about the methods we employ below. For printing on boxes:

Presses that use both offset and digital printing

Colors can be used to enhance the value of custom Eyeliner packaging.

Colors are a certain technique to mess with a customer’s head. Because of this, Custom Eyeliner Packaging can be used as an effective weapon for manipulating the psychology of consumers. Additionally, colours aid in making a brand recognisable. Consequently, you should never disregard the colours and instead choose for sophisticated and eye-catching colour schemes. Our available colour options are as listed below.

Standard Color Model (CMYK)

Color System for Printers (PMS)


Box quality can be compromised by irresponsible handling by clients at the point of sale. Coatings serve as a barrier against damage to the box, so they are highly recommended. The varieties of finishes we supply are as follows.

Glossy Finish

Matte Coating

Varnish A Coating With a Comfortable Feel

The coating of choice for boxes is entirely up to you. You can, however, consult with our experts at no cost to you if you need any help.


Eyeliner extensions are currently the most sought-after product in the cosmetics industry. We now understand the significance of custom eyeliner packaging. That’s why SirePrinting provides sturdy boxes with advertising potential and excellent product presentation. Accordingly, if you’re interested in purchasing a box with all these incredible capabilities, now is the time to do so.