Important facts you should know about hernia surgery

A Detail Overview of Important facts about Hernia Surgery:

A hernia is a widespread medical condition, and you should know about hernia surgery. It is a condition that occurs when part of an organ bulges through the tissue or muscle. The tissue’s job is to hold the organ in place, but the bulge allows it to move somewhere it doesn’t belong. Surgeons perform more than 600,000 inguinal hernia surgery in Pakistan every year. Hernias can develop in men, women, or children. Because hernias are so common, inguinal hernia surgery cost in Pakistan is also very affordable. Let us know about hernia surgery and some essential facts related to it.

Essential facts to know about hernia:

A hernia is very common, but people do not know about it. It can trigger complications if left untreated. There are few facts to know about hernia so in case anyone who suffers from it is treated accurately.

Hernias happen due to strain:

There are different hernias, but inguinal hernias occur in people with weak abdominal muscles. These muscles become weakened by physical strain or due to age. Hence, in a report, about 25% of men and 2% of women develop an inguinal hernia in their life. Moreover, according to frequent report cause of inguinal hernias is heavy lifting, mainly done by construction workers and weightlifters.

  • Factors that trigger Hernia Risk:

Various factors trigger hernia risk, but some increase the complication, such as chronic constipation, cough, especially a smoker’s cough, family history of hernias, lifting heavy objects, obesity, and straining to urinate due to enlarged prostate.

Hernias show Symptoms:

No disease occurs without symptoms hernia also shows different symptoms. These may include A bulge in the groin area, pain that occurs while lifting heavy objects, and exercise. Pain while passing a bowel or cough, but these conditions go away when the patient is at rest. Moreover, experiencing swelling, itching, aching, heaviness and burning, or any other discomfort in the groin or scrotum. Adding up, patients often have difficulty urinating, staying constipated, and frequent nausea or vomiting. Also, unusual burping, belching, heartburn, problems swallowing, or pain in the throat or esophagus.

Hernias Require Repair through surgery:

People sometimes postpone hernia surgery because they don’t take it seriously. Also, they don’t want to take time off from work. But leaving a hernia untreated can become a severe health condition. Moreover, people also think hernia surgery is costly. But hernia surgery cost in Pakistan is lesser than in other parts of the world. Thus, treatment of a hernia is necessary because a hernia can block the blood supply to the intestines, which can be life-threatening.

Hernia Repair is simple:

Thanks to new techno in minimally invasive surgery. Surgeons can treat hernia with laparoscopic surgery. It can fix most hernias with tools and techniques that require only tiny incisions. Hence, these surgical procedures bring about excellent results with a lower risk of infection, scarring, blood loss, and other side effects than open surgery. However, people are mostly unaware of laparoscopic surgery. So, let’s learn some facts about this surgical treatment.

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery and its procedure:

Laparoscopic hernia repair is just like any other laparoscopic procedure. First, general anesthesia is given, then a tiny incision is made just below the navel. The abdominal portion is then inflated with air to facilitate the surgeon to see all the abdominal organs.

A laparoscope is a thin tube-like structure with a camera attached to it. It enters through the incision. A few incisions are made in the lower abdomen to let the insertion be needed to repair the hernia.

A mesh is positioned over the defective area to reinforce the belly wall. Thus, hernia mesh price in Pakistan is economical, so people prefer this procedure.

Once a patient decides to go for hernia surgery, it is essential to understand the condition and options for the patient. At ALSA Pakistan, renowned surgeons will discuss if you should undergo inguinal hernia repair surgery. And also, they will check if any other underlying health conditions need attention before deciding to sign up for the surgery.

Laparoscopic hernia repair is different from traditional surgery: 

The traditional open surgery for a hernia requires a single large cut, whereas a laparoscopic surgery to repair the hernia will need a few small incisions. Hence, if you suffer from bilateral hernias, you can be operated on simultaneously without making another large incision. Laparoscopic Repair allows the surgeon to examine the groin area, and a mesh is present on the areas prone to developing a hernia. Thus, general anesthesia is given during laparoscopic Repair. Moreover, surgical Repair treats inguinal hernias that may be causing unbearable pain. It treats a hernia that is either open or closed within the tissues.


Hence, if you’ve never had a hernia before, then you might not know precisely what they are or think of it as a type of muscle pull. But they are more severe than you think. In simple words, a hernia is a hole in the muscle layer. Through that tiny hole, the tissue of the abdomen can bulge through. Thus, please don’t wait for the condition to go away. And plan to have your hernia repaired. At ALSA Pakistan, they can fix your hernia and get you back on track fast with minimum inguinal hernia surgery costs in Pakistan. So, if you think you have a hernia, schedule a consultation with the best surgeons in Pakistan. Call or use their online forum to request an appointment today.