Are ICRI India Reviews Fake or Legit?

When you are deciding on an educational institution, it is really crucial to know if the reviews are fake or legit. It is because positive, as well as negative reviews, can have a huge impact on you. But the problem is that online reviews are everywhere. Therefore, it becomes quintessential for you to know if the reviews you are reading are fake or legit. So, to learn more about the same keep on reading this post.

Effects of online fake reviews

There are so many institutes that use the trick to post fake reviews just to grab more attention. However, some institutions like ICRI India reviews are also there who know that online reputation tricks work both ways. They know that posting fake reviews and testimonials is not legal. In simple terms, having fake reviews of the students can ruin the reputation of the institute so, from a business viewpoint, a good institute keeps itself away from such scams.

Useful tips to detect fake student reviews online

If you are planning to study at ICRI, then you should read the ICRI India reviews at least once to get an overview of its campus life, faculty members, placements, and so on. Here are some useful tips that you can use to detect fake student reviews:

  • Check the review’s date

While reading the ICRI India reviews, it is good to look for the date. Institutes that invest their time in fake student reviews tend to appear more when admissions are open or exams are going on. Yes, it is possible that some students can post their genuine reviews during these periods, but the number of such reviews is limited.

  • Look for some ‘repetitive’ words

Several studies have been done where it is found that fake reviews often have similar words. For example, such reviews generally have overused verbs along with “me” and “I”. However, fake reviewers try to use these words to give their reviews a personalized touch; they often end up with excessive uses. So, look closely for such words to know if the posted review is fake or genuine.

  • Monitor the profiles

Some institutes that use fake reviews in bulk utilize thousands of nameless accounts. Hence, you can look for common names (that are often or repetitively used). There are some mass-generated names. So, identify those names and look for their profiles. If the reviewer is genuine, then you will be able to find details about him or her, while a fake one will have no picture and no contact information.

  • Dig deeper into other reviews

When a good institute such as ICRI India reviews posts reviews, they are often new and different from the previous ones. But fake ones, on the other hand, will have repetitive reviews with the same words and sentences. If you locate any similarity in the previously posted reviews, the chances are higher that they are not legit.

  • Look for grammar errors and spellings

Most institutes use low-grade writers for writing reviews. As a result, there will be a lot of spelling and grammar errors. A student, on the other hand, always tries to write down a good review with genuine opinion and experience where such errors are not available.

The bottom line

Yes, it can be really difficult for you to locate fake or legit ICRI India reviews. Things become pretty complicated when you know that the institute is good but some nasty-minded people write down fake reviews about it to mislead students. In this case, it is good to plan your visit to your desired campus to know what is right and what is not. An individual visit will help you meet faculty members, present students, etc. to have a clear idea about it and decide better.

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