How to Use Linkedin Like a Pro?

Are you struggling to get a tight grip on LinkedIn? Well, it is something most people find hard to do when it comes to social platforms, especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn, being the experts’ stage, hopes you to act in a completely unique style. You can have a variety of job opportunities there, but for that, you must first know About LinkedIn likes

Speaking professionally, it is no rocket science. You can learn the art to act more professionally on LinkedIn if you are willing to do just a few minor but important things. Your profile catalogue on LinkedIn is a definitive determinant of your prosperity or disappointment. It gives your employer a yes or a no way.

You just have to take the plunge and as the first step, you need to consider your profile first. Let’s see what you can do in order to use LinkedIn like a pro.

1. Use a professional profile picture

The best way you can figure your desired things out on LinkedIn is by creating a well-managed profile. In order to use LinkedIn like a pro, you must learn to use its features. Try to select a profile picture of yours having a plain background. A study has shown that the 14% of your success and failure depends on the display picture you elect on your LinkedIn profile.

Try to add a decent image, with a decent look on your LinkedIn Profile. 60% of the time a person visits your profile, the very first thing which impacts him is the display picture you have added. To use LinkedIn as a pro, you must select your image prudently. 

2. Write a comprehensive Headline

The headline on your LinkedIn profile is something that gives people an insight into what you are and what you do. When you are to change or add a headline on your LinkedIn profile, you usually have a word limit of almost 120 words. So try to make the use of these words effectively, and write a comprehensive, catchy, and to-the-point headline that can describe you concisely. Here is what should be kept in consideration while writing a headline on your LinkedIn:

  • Try to take start with the word which defines you best. 
  • Be honest and avoid using expressions that are nothing but mere verbosity. 
  • Try to use phrases and expressions rather than using long sentences. 
  • Be concise and write to the point. 
  • Try adding your work experience as well. 
  • Describe yourself well. 

3. Try to write an authentic summary

A summary on your LinkedIn Likes is something that explicitly defines you. It is the extended version of the headline you integrated into your LinkedIn profile earlier. Try to write, in a professional way, a detailed version of your values, features, missions, and skills. You have to write everything that can define you best.

You should simply zero in on the words and articulation you use. Be specific and write every minor detail about yourself so the ones hiring you will be able to make their decision quickly.

4. Embed your Experience and Recommendation

Next and the most crucial step you can take to take a hold of LinkedIn as a pro is by e, being your experiences and recommendation. Be professional in your tone and try toad every detail of even the tiniest professional thing you have done. Use strong and explicit vocabulary for that and add your experiences, especially regarding the fields you are looking forward to working for.

One thing you must keep under strict consideration is that if you have not done any work before, you still can add your experience, by writing down the positions and ranks you have achieved in your academic career.

5. Let them know your skills and interests

Your skills are the utmost determinants of what you are capable to do. A person on average has got so many skills but to get a better grip on LinkedIn you need to highlight those skills that better match the opportunity you are looking for. If your profile is integrated with targeted skills, the employer will be impressed.

Secondly, embed the skill-related interest in your profile, to show that you are always nourishing your skill with the interests linked to them. In this way, you can give people what they are looking for and it helps tighten your grip on LinkedIn Likes. 

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