How to upgrade your CV for a manager position

When you graduated from university, someone from careers services most likely gave you a standard resume format to use while you prepared for your first job in the ‘real world.’ It’s time to change your resume from its entry-level structure to something that properly reflects the management talents and abilities you worked so hard to earn now that you have a few years of solid work experience in your sector of interest and pursue manager-level roles.

Updating Your Skills

When working on a resume update, this is the first item you should consider.

As you advance in your job, your abilities will demonstrate your degree of expertise and understanding. As a result, it’s critical to keep your professional resume up to date with new skills and qualifications.

Include a professional overview.

In summary, describe the position you’re applying for and provide a few words about the valuable skills you can bring to the table.

Go over everything in great detail. Don’t just list your previous positions. Instead, focus on your achievements, such as initiatives you’ve successfully led and awards you’ve received. If you want to be a manager, pay special attention to new employee training, supervision, and other comparable obligations.

Demonstrate your desire to advance in your career. Have you taken any courses, attended many conferences, or joined any professional organizations? Make a point of mentioning it.

Include a list of your primary skills.

Including a list of your primary abilities and competencies is another excellent method to stand out to potential employers. You can put both hard and soft skills on this list.

Quantify your achievements

Specifics are required and helpful: facts, numbers, instances, and stories. Something that demonstrates to the hiring staff that you can jump right in and be productive.

For Example,

Instead of “Maintaining strong business morale while coordinating payroll, benefits, and conflict resolution for a large staff.” using quantified statement like

“Maintaining good staff relationships to aid in retention and production, I oversaw a human resources staff of seven individuals serving a 450-person office” will increase your chances of getting hired.

Examine Your Keywords

It may come as a surprise to hear that software may read your CV before a human sees it. These programmes will search for terms or phrases related to the job description or sector.

Look at similar job descriptions for ideas on specific keywords, or use a search engine to type in the job title.

Include your educational background.

It’s time to move the education portion of your resume to the bottom of your document once you’ve been working for a few years. When you initially graduated from university, one of your best selling points was your new degree. As a result, this information was placed near the top of your CV, where it would be sure to catch recruiters’ attention. However, now that you’ve worked for a while, your recent experience and the managerial skills and abilities you’ve acquired throughout that time should take center stage.

You should update formatting:

Unless you’re seeking a position as a designer or another art or design-related position, your resume doesn’t need to be visually appealing. Design and formatting are still important, and the use of a standard font and enough white space is essential for readability. While using a resume template can save you time when creating your resume, you can also change it up a bit, so it doesn’t appear precisely like the other resumes the human resources department sees.

If necessary, update your contact information.

Remember to double-check the contact information listed in your professional resume while updating your resume.

If your email address or phone number has changed, update it. This holds for your reference list as well. Check if their contact information has adjusted, and if so, ask them before revising your professional résumé.


This is especially helpful if you’ve made a lot of modifications recently. Try reading it out loud and having a proofreader go over it. Have a friend or family member check your CV as an alternative.

Assistance from a professional

Rather than simply producing a factual history of your work, a professional resume writer’s objective is to create an engaging marketing document. The finest resume writers have prior hiring experience, particular industry expertise, or professional resume writing Services.

Writing one’s resume is a stressful and perplexing task for most people. All of this anxiety can be alleviated by hiring a professional resume writer. They gain a thorough grasp of your work experience and your objectives for your next position. Next, they will create a CV that is specifically tailored to your target employers.

You’ll be up against several other people who may have more relevant experience, so putting your best foot forward is essential.

If you’re looking for resume writing services in Pune, you’ve come to the right place.

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