How To Throw a Baby Shower?

Hosting a baby shower for your friend who is a mom-to-be can be a hard task. It would be easier if the couple knows about it, but if you wish to throw a surprise party then this can be exciting but at the same time quite challenging. There are quite a few simple steps that can be taken to plan out an exciting, engaging, and fun-filled party.

Deciding the venue for the party

Picking the right venue can be a bit tricky. If you have a generous budget then it would be easier to plan the baby shower somewhere in a hotel or an outdoor location. But if it is a strict budget and if you can plan it right, then it would be great and comfortable to have it in either the couple’s home, your house, or another close friend’s house.

Picking out the theme

Picking out the right theme for the baby shower is also very important. The gender of the baby is not always known so it is safer to go with a neutral theme. Take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the couple, as some people would like vibrant colors whereas some others would prefer lighter colors.

But it is always the best option to go with colors that are more pleasing to the eye, such as light yellow and cream. Once the color has been picked, it would be easier to plan out everything else around that color. If you wish to incorporate other elements into the theme such as an animal theme or a forest theme you can add those too.

Baby Shower
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Decorations and invitations

If you would like to go with something simple for the decorations, your best bet would be to stick to balloons or flower decorations. But if you have a more elaborate theme then picking more elaborate decorations would also be alright.

You can get help from your friends for this purpose. You can also design invitations to match your theme, and since everyone has access to the internet nowadays. Digital invitations can be sent out instead of printing them out.

Planning the menu

Although the main focus should be on the couple, the food is also a very important part of any event. So, you can pick out a menu that is simple with both savory and sweets. You can also ask everyone to bring a homemade dish and make it more homely.

Allocating a gift stall

You can also ask all the invitees to bring in different presents. You can ask some guests to bring some baby essentials such as pampers, colognes, and powders, and you can also give a unisex baby gift since it is safer as you do not know the gender of the child. It would be a good idea to place all the presents in one specific area.

Personalize the event

Finally, you can also add something personal to the couple, like their favorite decors, food, presents, and maybe hang a few pictures of them, and their family and friends up as well.

You can also organize a few engaging games that would make the event more successful.

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