How to Tell If You Have Impact Windows?

You have arrived at the ideal location if you have just moved into a new house in Florida or if you are analyzing the hurricane windows stuart fl resistance of your windows.


Here are five straightforward methods to find out whether or not the windows in your home were built to resist the high winds and flying debris that accompany hurricanes. In addition, we will go through the process of calculating the hurricane window storm rating level so that you will know for certain that they can survive the typical stormy circumstances in your region.


Typically, the glass of hurricane windows bears a permanent mark.


The creation of glass that is resistant to windows South Florida fl involves more time and resources in comparison to the production of regular glass. As a result of this, the producers of hurricane windows want to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the financial commitment that you are about to make.


There should be a temporary label on the glass.

Each window is cut individually, even though the majority of the sheets of glass used for impact-resistant windows contain a corner mark. The impact rating marking was probably removed to get the highest potential yield from each sheet of glass.


In this scenario, the manufacturer would often apply a label that can be removed and contains the kind of glass as well as the information mentioned earlier. Because of how common this conduct is, there is no need to be concerned about it.


Verify if the Hurricane Windows are designed with your environment in mind.

After reading the label’s information, you should validate that the thickness and safety requirements meet or exceed the storm rating criteria in your location.

Most impact glass is examined for its structural integrity, air filtration, water resistance, and pressure (including the strength of its framing).


Examine the reflection in the glass.

If you still cannot see any labels or blemishes on the glass, you may do one more test to determine if your windows are impact-resistant.


Examine the reflection by placing your hand or another object in front of the glass. Because windows South Florida fl is composed of two glass sheets, there should be two separate reflections.


Consult a professional about impact-resistant windows.

Even if you discover a label affixed to the glass of an older hurricane windows stuart fl, it is important to determine whether or not the window still satisfies the criteria established by current regulations. Because they are knowledgeable about the specific limits of the various categories, professional installers will be able to give individualized suggestions for the needed (and desirable) safety requirements that apply to your property.


Additional Components for Impact on Windows

Your hurricane protection may be kept up to date by a professional specializing in hurricane windows. They can also tell you if the hurricane windows South Florida fl, you already have to give any additional benefits, such as energy-efficient tints or films that are resistant to UV rays.