How to Take Care of Curly Hair Like a Pro?

One of the hairstyles to display your beauty is to use curly hair. However, many do not always get it right with these curly hairs. The hair requires special attention and techniques to keep them healthy and curly. These hairs are fragile and delicate due to their curvy nature. 

Caring for curly hair requires mastering a series of processes to ensure everything is perfectly aligned. The tips you use will also be significant for maintaining the hair’s appearance, attractiveness, lifespan, and health. Instead of using any methods, consider the following and give them a priority.  

1. Curly Hair Sleep Routines

Sleeping can affect curly hair, especially if you are restless and you keep turning while sleeping. Everyday sleep routines can lead to hair breakages and damage, and you can wake up with falling hair. You can use different strategies to protect your hair. One of the best methods is the pineappling trick which involves piling the hair on top of your head in a bun or a loose ponytail. This method protects your hair from friction between your hair and the pillow.  

To reduce friction, you can also use satin silk pillowcases instead of cotton cases to reduce friction. You can also tie the hair using satin scrunchies for curly hair. These scrunchies will also limit the impact of friction on the hair.  

2. Shampooing And Conditioning The Hair

Sometimes, shampoos are necessary to take care of curly hair. Another concern is that curly hair tends to be dry; hence, shampoo can quickly suck out the moisture from the hair. The moisture is critical for keeping the hair pleasant and curly; thus, you should not let it get dry. Therefore, when using the shampoo, consider only using a limited amount and ensure that you do not use the shampoo regularly.  

You need to add the conditioners regularly because they seal the hair cuticle to protect it from moisture loss and protect it against environmental damage. Before you use a shampoo treatment, you need to use the conditioner first and allow it to settle on the hair for about 20 minutes. Cover it with a shower cap to ensure water does not get into the hair. The duration ensures the conditioner penetrates effectively into the hair.  

While also using the shampoos, you need to select the brands carefully. Use organic shampoos free from chemicals such as alcohol, silicone, and parabens.  

3. Washing Your Hair

When washing the hair, do not use any soaps that can lead to dryness. Washing can also affect hair moisture. These soaps and excessive water can drain away oil from the hair. The oil is essential for ensuring the hair remains moist. When you wash the hair, apply moisturizers to introduce the oils to prevent dryness. 

When washing the hair, you need to use cold water. Warm water will easily dissolve the oil leaving the hair dry. Hot water will easily open the cuticles subjecting the hair strands to frizz and breakage. When using conditioners and shampoos, ensure you use cold water.  

4. Styling And Brushing The Curly Hair

Do not brush the hair because you will interfere with the structure and appearance. If you need to brush your hair, use the wide-toothed comb. You can use it before shampooing and after washing. If you do not have a wide-toothed comb, run your fingers through the hair. Do not brush the hair when wet due to the vulnerability to breakage and damage. Only use the wide-toothed comb when removing the tangles.  

When styling the hair, you need to use moderate temperatures. High temperatures can easily affect the curls’ texture, making them dry and lifeless. Before you use the heat, use a good hair protectant spray. You can also use the diffuser to protect the curly hair.  

5. The Best Treatments For The Hair

Hair masks are ideal for keeping the curls natural and attractive. You can use different hair masks; the best ones are made from natural ingredients. The perfect hair mask may contain olive oil, some eggs, vinegar, and mayonnaise. They will provide the protein to keep the hair healthy, and the oils also increase the hair strength to prevent breakage. After using these masks, you can wash using mild and natural shampoos for curly hair. 

You can also use avocadoes to increase the vitamins such as B and E to nourish and keep the hair healthy. You can add a tablespoon of honey. Other products include milk, hibiscus, apple cider vinegar, etc. 

6. Best Oils For The Curly Hair

Oiling curly hair is significant for different reasons. First, it can boost blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth. The oils can also enable you to maintain the curls and prevent them from drying, which can lead to breakages and damage.  

Some of the best oils for curly hair should contain natural oils extracted from coconut, sunflower, and other nuts. These oils also contain Vitamin E and fatty acids. . 


Taking care of curly hair requires diligence and a strict routine. You can select one routine or combine a series of strategies to boost the curls. You need to use natural products to maintain the curls. Use natural conditions, shampoo, oils, and other natural products., You also need to wash the hair at most thrice a week and use cold water to prevent any further damage. The approach you use will also be significant for promoting healthy hair.