How to Start a Hair Salon Business

hair salon business
hair salon business

For many years, hairdressers have received hundreds of people who seek to maintain their image as neat as possible. Yet, despite the crises in various latitudes. Beauty and comprehensive care services are the least affected, maintaining their status in high demand. That is why it has become a trending venture. Both for professionals dedicated to beauty as well as for high-caliber investors who are committed to a business with superior profitability and receptivity. For this reason, if you love taking care of people’s beauty and image and earning juicy profits.  Follow these steps to start your hair salon business plan.

Things to keep in mind before opening your hair salon

Although times are immersed in some kind of recession. Opening and operating a hairdressing salon that works has been one of the ways to sustain any investment in the long term since this undertaking. By itself, is booming at any time of the year.

The constant need to maintain aesthetics by both men and women makes this proposal highly profitable. If you have already done your accounts and you think that it could work for you, write down these keys that you should keep in mind when starting a successful hairdressing salon:

Analyze the market

Analyzing the movement of your competitors in the market is not about copying what they do but rather about observing with a fresher mind and being inspired to devise a business plan that will allow you to differentiate your proposal from the rest.

Start by choosing the name of your beauty center, along with an image and logo that attracts the customers you want; In addition, study the economic viability of your business and establish realistic goals that you can achieve.

Likewise, prepare a budget and give value to your investment. Start step by step, and you will see constant and sustainable growth.

Business plan

Like any other undertaking, a basic step to carry out is the design of a business plan. It is a physical or digital document with which you can better analyze the market and the competition and determine the business model you will implement and the type of clients you want to attract.

Also, you will be able to prepare a financial plan to cover expenses such as local rentals, equipment acquisition, incorporation expenses, and hiring, among others, as well as specifying the work team and what strategies will be executed to guarantee its profitability.

Administrative procedures

Whether through a legal advisor or on your own, you must immerse yourself in the different legal aspects that concern your next business. Go to the local authorities to verify that the space for rent is suitable for carrying out the said commercial activity and obtain the corresponding permits.

The location must have energy capacity and water services so that all the equipment works more comfortably.

Locate a strategic place to rent the premises

It seems obvious, but this point has many edges that must be reviewed before making a definitive choice. Usually and according to the budget, starting with a small and affordable place is recommended. Still, it must also meet certain requirements, which will be decisive in achieving the expected success.

Among the guidelines that you should consider to get the ideal place we have:

It must be located in an area of ​​high or moderate circulation of people; a good place is to be close to businesses related to beauty, such as boutiques, spas, cosmetics, and perfume stores, among others. This will allow an easier approach to potential customers.

If you have a larger budget and your goal is to have a larger site, you should ensure you have room to work comfortably. Remember that it is necessary to equip with mirrors, chairs, and tables, so it is highly recommended to design a space where you can serve a minimum of three people simultaneously.

It must be well-ventilated, have air conditioning equipment, and have excellent lighting.

Work team

Regarding the work team, the most suitable is to have the number of professionals according to the business’s demand. As a whole, pay great attention during the selection of human talent because the quality of their work and professionalism is what will make your business take off.

As an initial goal, you can do it with three professionals and increase according to the profits and the space of the premises; If everything works mathematically, that is (costs vs. profits), consider diversifying services by offering manicures and/or waxing with professionals in the area.


When setting up a hairdressing business from scratch. It is important to take care of the budget because, in the beginning, you will have to make a large investment. Mainly in the rental of the premises, as well as its proper conditioning, acquisition, and installation of furniture, spare parts, among others.

In short, you have various issues to cover, so it is essential to manage. With a good head, the capital that it costs you to obtain to start your business.

Most of them, in their beginnings, opt for the rent of aesthetic equipment and other machines, so they do not make such a huge entry expense; they also achieve profits through treatments, which use expensive equipment to acquire.

Furniture and other instruments

Acquiring the essential materials and equipment to perform the job is vital. If you want your business to look like beautiful hair: silky and abundant.

Even if you are just starting. You must have good quality equipment, starting with the furniture (dressing tables, mirrors, armchairs, counter, shelves, and more). The appliances (wash heads, hair dryers), as well as computers, Internet access for the point of sale, among many others.

At this point, you can contact the providers that best fit your budget to acquire these and the rest of the tools. And plus products ranging from scissors, combs, and razors to shampoo, dyes, and specialized treatments, both for use and sale.

Marketing to promote the salon

The image of your hairdresser should say it all; therefore, prepare a marketing campaign to promote the launch. Hire a creative agency to help boost your corporate image through a logo and color palette that will define it and create a website.

As they say out there, if you’re not on social media, you don’t exist! For this reason, you must open a profile on the social networks that suit you best (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, among others). And start planning the launch campaign to announce the opening. Both on networks and in the media and press. So local, go out and tell everyone you exist!


In summary, starting a hairdressing salon entails a series of elements that, although true, are overwhelming. It is a business that will undoubtedly add many benefits. If you still have questions or want to know more about how to open and maintain other ventures.

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