How to Share Instagram Profile Link on Youtube?

Instagram app is best for displaying product images and videos because you can buy IGTV likes. On the other hand, YouTube is a great app to represent the content that you create uniquely.

For example, if you are a comedian, musician, or artist, you can quickly transfer your bio link to Instagram on YouTube and YouTube on Instagram.

If you are active on a blog or website, you can use this link in your bio so other users can check your content. Placing a bio link is straightforward that can take place in a few steps.

Let’s find a quick answer about finding an Instagram bio link on YouTube. Generally, copy the Instagram link and open YouTube app, and paste a link here.

Next, click the ‘edit profile’ option and go to ‘add external link’ to paste the URL. Finally, press option ‘done’. Now your link will add to your YouTube channel. For more information, stick with this post for detailed steps.

Why you should add an Instagram link on YouTube?

Perhaps you need to add an IG profile link on the YouTube channel for many reasons. One significant reason is to increase visibility on other social media channels and grow your account by Buy Instagram Views. By adding an IG link on YouTube is easy to approach that link.

When users click your Instagram link, they will directly access your YouTube channel if you have unique content here and wish to see it.

This strategy will aid you in attaining more subscribers and views because users who wouldn’t find your channel can easily access it.

Another significant cause to add an IG link on your YouTube channel is to show users that you are also active on your YouTube channel as well.

It will aid you in appealing to more viewers and subscribers who regularly watch your uploaded videos. Now they can see your content on the YouTube channel as well.

Besides, when you become active on different social media channels, you can boom your account and increase visibility on various social media channels.

How can share an IG link to a YouTube channel?

Before adding an Instagram link to a YouTube channel, you should know ‘how can copy your link. You can follow two ways to copy your profile address and share it on another channel.

First, you can copy directly from the app

  • Copy your Instagram profile through mobile with the following steps.
  • Browse the IG app on your mobile.
  • Tap the profile image
  • Click on your profile picture, and there will appear your Instagram address.
  • Copy this address and share it on your YouTube channel.

Copy through web

If you want to follow this process through the web, follow these steps.

  • Open the Instagram app through a web browser and visit your profile.
  • Tap the profile icon on the top corner and copy the username of your Instagram
  • Visit the YouTube channel by writing the correct information.
  • Now, click the blue button of the ‘customize option’
  • Navigate the option of ‘basic info’.
  • Scroll to the link section and press ‘add link’.

How can insert a YouTube link on Instagram?

To copy the YouTube link on Instagram, follow these simple steps. Whether you want to go to your Instagram profile via mobile or desktop, both processes are straightforward to proceed with them. Let’s follow those distinct steps.

First, insert YouTube URLs on Instagram through a mobile app.

  • Browse the Instagram app on your device
  • Open the Instagram profile on the right side of it
  • Choose the ‘edit profile’ option.
  • Press ‘add external link’
  • Paste copied address in the ‘URL’ section
  • Click ‘done’ on top of the corner.

Pros and cons of adding profile links


First, to add a link to another network, users can easily lead to your other channel. Second, it is convenient to insert one profile link into another with a few steps to buy IGTV likes.


Instagram allows you to add one link in its bio, which means only one channel, and linking or messaging other social media channels will not get any attention buy IGTV likes.

When users open YouTube and press the available link on your profile, it will direct them toward that platform without leaving comments, watching your videos, and subscribing.

How can insert more links to your account bio?

However, there are various reasons to share your videos with your audience. And there are many ways to tell your followers about other social media channels. But there is one suitable option to share your account link on other platforms.

But this restriction can avoid by inserting all profile links on the Tap link account. It is a landing page and an effective solution to add your various profiles simultaneously.

It adds multiple links in one profile, and even you can message easily on other apps that are significant to you. There are short guides for you to create a page on the Tap link.

After signing on to the Tap the link, select a pre-made design or you can create by yourself. It would be better to choose an empty template.

Click the profile icon and choose ‘upload image’ to add your favorite image or picture. Select the appropriate image and once the setup is complete, click the ‘save changes’ tab.

Final verdict:

There is it; how there is a simple guide to insert or share an Instagram link on a YouTube channel. Copy your Instagram link and open your YouTube profile to paste your IG link address.

Next, press the ‘link’ tab and add your profile link to the YouTube platform. Thus, with a slight effort, you can get valuable traffic on your Instagram account because of the YouTube channel.